Adkins oversees the upcoming school in Lee County

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Lee County students will graduate from school on Thursday summer. A year after changing classroom routines during a pandemic, what’s next for Lee County School?

Director Dr. Greg Adkins says the Lee County School District is a school district he absolutely loves and is forever grateful for his service. But he admits that he has a lot to do.

He must focus on both interim supervisor Dr. Ken Savage and the final permanent supervisor to overcome the educational inequality caused by the pandemic and prepare the school to fully reopen in the fall. Is called. Adkins urged his parents to remain involved and said he believed that the Open Door Policy would come back next year.

“We certainly missed our parents in the building, we missed the volunteers in the building,” Adkins said. “And as more people get vaccinated and get used to going out without masks, I think we’ll see parents coming back to school.”

He also predicts that technology will play a bigger role in schools because he feels that technology has been integrated during the pandemic.

“We have literally moved to a one-to-one platform not only at secondary level, but also to primary education,” says Adkins. “Now all kids have access to Chromebooks or some technology.”

After a year of polarization, Adkins believes that the Lee County Board of Education needs to come together to work on relationships within the company and with other parts of the district.

“I think we need to continue working together as a team,” Adkins said. “That is, there’s a really nice group of personal managers here, some amazing teachers and school leaders, and I think they need help from the district office and the governance team.”

The last day of Adkins work is June 30th.

Adkins oversees the upcoming school in Lee County

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