Advantages and disadvantages of recreational hunting

Wild Zebra Credits: Associate Professor Enrico di Minin, University of Helsinki

Recreational hunting, especially the hunting of charismatic species of trophies, raises ethical and moral concerns. However, recreational hunting is often proposed as a way to protect nature and support the lives of locals.

In a new article published in the journal One earthScientists at the University of Helsinki in Finland and Flinders University in Australia have reviewed more than 1,000 studies on recreational hunting. This is the first attempt to summarize the scientific literature investigating the biodiversity and social impacts of global recreational hunting.

Co-author, Associate Professor Enrico di Minin of the University of Helsinki, may seem counter-intuitive, but suggests that recreational hunting can bring environmental and social benefits. It states that there is evidence to do.

Dr. Hayley Clements, a colleague and co-author of the University of Helsinki, needs further analysis to understand how and why recreational hunting works and where it can be harmful. It states that.

Professor Corey Bradshaw of Flinders University says it is a paradox at the heart of the pros and cons of recreational hunting.

“We determine the geographical extent and diversity of species hunted around the world, research and summarize the main topics surrounding recreational hunting, and recreational hunting for nature maintenance and people’s lives and well-being. We considered both the positive and negative effects of. ” Professor Bradshaw, who heads the Global Ecology Lab at Flinders.

“On the one hand, recreational hunting can reduce the number of individual animals in the population, but on the other hand, the conversion of land from agriculture or other types of development to priority hunting areas is actually It can benefit the entire ecosystem, “he says.

Hunting research has focused primarily on behavior and population dynamics of large mammals in North America, Europe and Africa.

Conservation Paradox-Advantages and Disadvantages of Recreational Hunting

Wild lions.Credit: Associate Professor Enrico di Minin, University of Helsinki

Dr. Clements, however, says there is still lack of evidence to answer the pressing question of why hunting contributes to the sustainable conservation of biodiversity in some places rather than elsewhere.

“Two-thirds of hunting research focuses on mammals. Red deer, white-tailed deer, wild boars, moose and lions are best studied. Of these species, there are concerns about protection. Only lions, how to make hunting sustainable through quotas and seasonal restrictions, “says Dr. Clements.

“Few studies have investigated the widespread impact of hunting on ecosystem integrity and function and how it affects the lives of locals, or document local perceptions of hunting. “She continues.

For example, about 1,394,000 km2 In sub-Saharan Africa, some of the land is dedicated to trophy hunting, but how effective these areas are for ecosystem conservation and how communities can benefit from hunting. There is little research on.

Associate Professor Di Minin, who heads the Helsinki Institute for Interdisciplinary Conservation Science, argues that future research should focus on recreational hunting contributions to meet both biodiversity and social objectives. ..

“We have outlined research agendas to assess the role of recreational hunting in diverse social ecosystems and to consider the values ​​and needs of locals.

Given the declining number of recreational hunters in some areas and the growing opposition to trophy hunting in others, the need for such evidence is urgent, “said Associate Professor Diminin. ..

“We also need to extend our research beyond common charismatic species to assess the impact of recreational hunting on endangered and less charismatic species,” he concludes.

What does trophy hunting bring to the protection of wild lions?

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Advantages and disadvantages of recreational hunting

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