Ali Lennox, Diplo donate to GoFundMe for model with AIDS

Donated by many celebrities Gina Tew GoFundMe has been diagnosed with AIDS within the past eight to ten years after news broke that an Instagram model contracted HIV and had a near-death experience.

R&B singer Ali Lennox When diplo They each donated $1,000 to models under the real names of Courtney Salter and Wesley Pentz. shadow room Earlier this week.

Tew appears to have a personal relationship with Diplo, sharing video evidence of a past outing with the popular DJ alongside model Tyson Beckford in a TikTok video.


When life was fun👽 #fyp #model #DJ #tyson beckford #diplo

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As of Thursday, the fundraiser has raised $7,079 from the $75,000 goal. The money is being used for both medical and travel expenses, and Tew revealed last month that she had recently lost her only sister to a rare lung disease.

The money goes to medical bills, moving expenses

Tew wrote that she is trying to get closer to where her late sister’s three small children lived, and the funds will help her achieve that goal.

“As you know, my name is Gena Tew. I am battling AIDS and lost my only sister on June 8th to mediastinitis fibrosus, a rare lung disease. left a small child of 1. She was only 29… We are now trying to raise funds to move them to where they are. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.” The GoFundMe description says:


It’s been a wonderful few days. I love you all 💕 #Take care #fyp #genatew #support

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Tew thanks supporters, says she ‘understands’ reaction

Tew spoke about the response she received following the news that her illness had gone viral and thanked them for their support. I understand, but it’s okay.”

“I want to thank you for all the messages, emails, prayers and support I have received over the past few days,” Tew said in a new TikTok video on Thursday. I hope this helps you see the light and I hope others will be as open and honest as I am….God got me Know, and if God got me, He got you.

The 27-year-old singer and Instagram model revealed her battle with AIDS last month in a now-viral TikTok video that has amassed 432,000 followers about eight to 10 years ago. told her she had lost 65 pounds after learning she had HIV.

Eventually, the virus turned into AIDS, and she has suffered from many health problems ever since.

Blinded in one eye, weighed down to 65 pounds and lost the ability to walk

Tew had to re-learn how to walk after he lost the ability to walk blind in one eye. Videos on her social media her page, with clips of her in physical therapy and her hospitalization, show her arduous path to better health and have garnered millions of views. .

(Courtesy of GoFundMe)

Speaking about her experience in a video posted Monday, she told her followers that she doesn’t know when or how she contracted HIV and how it led to her condition.

She pointed out that her tattoo needles may have been dirty, and that she may have been raped when she was homeless on the streets of New York.

The IG model has been linked in the past with Chief Keef’s Nick Cannon and more

In a video shared to TikTok, Gena also showcased a photo of her outing with Nick Cannon taken by paparazzi in October 2015.


The Nick Cannon I met at that time 🤭🥰 #fyp #fyp #TalkingTree #ShowYourGreatness

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She previously modeled for Breezy-owned clothing brand Black Pyramid, and Chris Brown shared a photo of her on his Instagram page.

In December 2015, the model shared that she was hanging out with Nick and Chief Keef in LA and NYC.

“Hanging out in LA with Chief Keef. Then back to New York to chill at Nick Cannon for my birthday. Life”

Suspension of modeling and singer activities due to the virus

Tew modeled for The Cover magazine in 2015 and is also a full-time singer. She has covered songs such as her Adele’s “Hello,” and in early 2018 she released a rendition of Alina Baraz’s “Electric Song.”

The Brooklyn-based model, known for her distinctive throat tattoo, had previously booked a big gig at retailer Dolls Kill, according to a 2018 profile. ink magazine.

Anyone interested in donating to Tew’s GoFundMe can do so here.

Ali Lennox, Diplo donate to GoFundMe for model with AIDS

Source link Ali Lennox, Diplo donate to GoFundMe for model with AIDS

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