All-American Jeffrey Maya: Homecoming and HBCU Life

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CW won the gold medal at the time of debut “All American” For the past four seasons, sports dramas have focused primarily on star soccer player Spencer James. The true story of a former NFL player Spencer Paysinger. So when talking about spin-off series, “All American: Home Assurance” For the first time, many thought that the second installment would naturally continue Spencer’s story. However, showrunner Ekechi Okoro Carroll planned to revolve around tennis star Simon Hicks (played by Geffrey Maya) instead.

“Thanks to the storyline and direction, I couldn’t thank you any more for this opportunity. [Carroll]Accepts it and how does she generally want to represent a black athlete? “

“I didn’t see me so much, so I think it was very unpleasant for many people. [on ‘All American’]”Maya tells POPSUGAR. “I was shocked, but the showrunners believed in me and were very supportive.” Maya was surprised to learn that she had won her show. Her character was set to appear in “All American”. “For just a handful of episodes. The turmoil from her show’s fan base didn’t surprise her at all, but she was pleased to be in a position to tell a new kind of story for the franchise. ..

According to Maya, Carroll is “very specific” about her vision for the new show. Showrunners are keen to celebrate blacks — as humans as well as their talents. As such, Simone’s character gave Carol the opportunity to talk about a new kind of black student athlete. She said, “Thanks to the storyline and direction, I couldn’t thank you any more for this opportunity. [Carroll]Has embraced it and how she generally wants to describe a black athlete. They deserve to love very much about what they are doing and what they are like. It’s a gift to the real thing. So I’m excited to be able to talk about this. “

“All American: Homecoming” is aimed at the spot of the women’s tennis team, following Simone as a freshman at Atlanta HBCU Bringston University. When Maya learned to lead the series, she hone her tennis skills in preparation for the scene. She tells us, “She wanted to devote her time and energy to crafting because she knew second that the pilot was successful.” “Again, that’s not what I usually do, and I didn’t want to half it. I want to pay tribute to the sport and the time and dedication these women line up every time. I stepped on the court. “

“After all, we deserve to show not only talent, but also its human side, so it’s very deep for me to be able to talk about black athletes in general.”

The spin-off also puts the spotlight on Chicago baseball star Damon Sims (Peyton Alex Smith). Damon Sims declines the opportunity to participate in Major League Baseball to help build Bringston’s baseball program. The importance of “All American: Homecoming” is, of course, how much the show emphasizes the value of the black system.But the series also shifts to include conversations Student athlete Pursue sports that are not limited to soccer and basketball.

“It’s profound because I know there are a lot of amazingly talented athletes choosing to go to HBCU, just to give back to the community with their talent,” Maya said in the focus of the sport. Say about. “Of course, PWI and other institutions can go there, but if you have the opportunity to play your favorite sport and put the school on a map created for you by people who look like you. , It’s a win-in that case it wins. After all, it’s worth showing not only the talent but also the human side, so it’s very much for me to be able to talk about black athletes in general. It ’s deep. ”

Image source: CW

“I was literally alive, so I thought it was just an adjustment that God allowed me to give me this opportunity.”

Maya, a graduate of Clark Atlanta University, is proud to share her HBCU experience through “All American: Homecoming.” She says that attending HBCU is “an experience that is not available at other types of institutions because the experience of HBCU is so special.” “I was literally alive, so I thought it was just an adjustment that God allowed me to give me this opportunity.” Carroll said to add a little more color to the fictional world of the show. , Was very open to Maya’s stories and memories. “I think we’re doing a great job creating these little worlds for each of these characters, but in the end we’ll build it at school, so we’ll introduce you to a journey with the tribes. “Maya adds. “You find your people, and it also creates a different experience.”

“All American: Homecoming” explores the most independent journeys College students embark on — From managing the balance between work and life through the HBCU lens, to setting financial boundaries and handling all the curve balls of life as an adult. As an extension of “All American”, the spin-off aims to add to the foundation built by the original: an uplifting black youth. “The overall point of creating’homecoming’wasn’t leaving the mothership show,” explains Maya. [Carroll]The show aims to enhance HBCU’s expression on television, but Maya reveals that it’s not all about diverse storytelling.

“The biggest thing people have to be aware of is that Bringston is a fictitious HBCU, which only blacks experience so much that they can’t take in all the experience and think it literally embraces it. In episode 13. There is no possible way, “she points out. “But if we can all be open-minded and receive a show about what it is, that we are creating for our world and trying to touch what people can relate to. , I think we are finally doing our job. “

When “All American” aired a backdoor pilot for a spin-off last summer, it just tasted what to expect from the viewer. But those who listen to “All American: Homecoming” will find more obstacles, opportunities, and moments of redemption for young blacks.The series has not rewritten the history of HBCU representation On TV; it only amplifies already established messages both on-screen and off-screen. So HBCU is important.

“I think it’s important to celebrate that tenaciousness. That tenacious spirit keeps us at the forefront, no matter who tries to beat us,” Maya declares. “That’s why I think it’s important that the expression is displayed on the screen ….. Going to HBCU is not a script. It’s not a scene. It’s not an excursion. People are actually living this experience. It’s part of them. It’s special that we have the opportunity to showcase our experiences, visions, and dreams. “

Maya hopes “All American: Homecoming” can catalyze future shows Capture college experience A place where black people are respected and celebrated. Spin-offs are currently carrying torches, but with sufficient support they can truly stimulate change. “When you see something that makes you feel good and feels being seen, it changes your point of view and your way of thinking in the space you are in and in the world you are navigating,” Maya says. say. “I just hope [the show] We continue to drive meaningful stories, fun stories, loving stories, and even horrifying stories. What people don’t expect from us and what they excel at. There are many more things that make us feel good and feel seen. “

“All American: Homecoming” will premiere on Monday, February 21st at 9pm EST.

All-American Jeffrey Maya: Homecoming and HBCU Life

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