All of SpaceX’s first tourists are ready for a “camper” space trip

These are four civilians heading into space to become SpaceX’s first space traveler.

The weather is supportive and passengers rarely go. SpaceX’s first space traveler was a calm photo of Tuesday preparing to explode on a three-day orbiting mission.

“No jitter, I’m excited for the first time!” American billionaire Jared Isaacman told reporters when asked about his state of mind at a press conference.

Behind him was a giant Falcon 9 rocket. This rocket carries an all-civilian crew of four members for the mission, called Inspiration 4.

“Any jitter is a good kind,” added 29-year-old doctor assistant Haley Arseno. “I’m really looking forward to coming here tomorrow.”

42-year-old Air Force veteran Chris Sembroski even compared extraordinary voyages to “camper” vehicles.

He is not so far. The interior of the dragon capsule provides its occupants with a small space of 8 x 4 meters (27 x 13 feet).

“I’m just dressed in a (sleeping bag), so they don’t float on each other at midnight!” He joked.

I didn’t know each other before I started training about half a year ago, but they said they got along well.

Chartered Isaac Man Mission At his expense, he ran a competition to choose three to join him.

“Since the announcement … every day is the best day of my life and it’s getting better and better,” said Sian Proctor, a 51-year-old geologist who will play the first role as an African-American woman. Declared. Space flight “pilot”.

Clearly impressed by the opportunity, she shared that she and her crew had a phone chat with former First Lady Michelle Obama.

“We had a very nice conversation. It will be with you for the rest of my life.”

Takeoff time begins Wednesday at 8:02 pm (Thursday 0002 Greenwich Mean Time).

“Currently, the weather is going well,” said Benjireed, head of the SpaceX Crudo mission.

Five important facts about the Inspiration 4 space mission

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All of SpaceX’s first tourists are ready for a “camper” space trip

Source link All of SpaceX’s first tourists are ready for a “camper” space trip

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