“All of Us Are Dead”: Is Netflix Season 2?

Netflix latest Zombie Apocalypse Recruitment, “Now our school, ”Was gaining a huge audience during its streamer debut weekend and, just days after its release, ranked second in the enviable US Top 10 list. 12 parts Horror The series is essentially The arrival of the times A story that follows a group of high school students whose schools have gone to zero due to the outbreak of the zombie virus. Trapped inside the school to prevent the spread of the virus, they have to fight for their lives. The Korean series has already been delivered to viewers around the world in just three days, so of course fans will say “Now our school“Following that promising premiere.

Currently, Netflix is ​​neither updating nor canceling the show. But given that the thrilling series has just arrived at Streamer, it’s still pretty early to talk about whether it will officially return to the second season. Based on the webtoon “Now at Our School” by Joo Dong-geun, “All of Us Are Dead” is one of the latest slate of Korean content that has found a home on a huge streaming platform in recent months.

After “Squid game“A groundbreaking global success and the continued success of K-Dramas on streaming networks”Hellbound, ”“ Single Inferno ”, and future“Money Heist: South Korea-Sharing Economy Region“Netflix has added just a few Korean titles to its ever-growing library of K content. To meet the demand for Korean content, Netflix invested an astonishing $ 500 million budget in 2021 To expand the production lineup in South Korea. Streamer announced in January 2021 that it had signed a lease for two production facilities outside Seoul, including nine sound stages. Earlier this month Netflix has announced that it is ready to launch 25 Korean titles in 2022., Reality series, screenplay shows, movies.

The growing interest in non-English content and the surge of “now our school” to the top 10 charts has revealed the potential for Season 2 of “now our school”. Creative teams and artists are participating in the renewal. The ending of “all of us are dead” is not always left on the Cliffhanger, but culminates in hopeful notes. And while the Season 1 finale can be interpreted as a decisive ending in itself, it could lead to a sequel to the episode that follows the journey for the rest of the protagonist to survive.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait at least two months for Netflix to make an official announcement about the update status of “All of Us Are Dead.”

“All of Us Are Dead”: Is Netflix Season 2?

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