Alvin Kamara releases $ 5,000 bond after battery charge

New information about running backs for roommate New Orleans Saints is available Alvin Kamara Las Vegas arrest. Video surveillance reports that when Alvin was standing on the ground at the casino on Saturday morning, he was seen hitting a man about eight times before his companions trampled him several times.According to police reports from Las Vegas Metropolitan Police StationAlvin and his crew left behind a seriously injured man.

Reportedly, the victim, Darnell Green, was unknowingly knocked and injured, including an orbital fracture in his right eye. The surveillance video shows what happened before the incident. He talked to a woman and left Cromwell Casino in the Drais After Dark Club while waiting for an elevator with a large crowd.

When the elevator doors opened, Darnell tried to walk towards the elevator with a large party, but Alvin put his hand on his chest and stopped him. Darnell then pushed Alvin’s hand out of his chest, and Baller said he retaliated by pushing hard enough to stumble the victim. Following the push, the victim remembered being unconscious by being jumped by Alvin and his friends. In addition, Alvin reportedly hit him about eight times, including three after he fell to the ground.

The attack did not stop there. The other three in Alvin’s group allegedly began trampling on men with their faces, chests and feet. One of his companions trampled Darnell about 16 times. Upon the arrival of the guards, the case was dissolved and Alvin and his party were escorted from property. Alvin will be released from prison after imprisoning $ 5,000 in public debt and will appear in court on March 8.

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Alvin Kamara releases $ 5,000 bond after battery charge

Source link Alvin Kamara releases $ 5,000 bond after battery charge

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