Alyson Stoner on the harmful effects of child stardom

Trigger Warning: The following story contains a description of child abuse.

Alyson Stoner recently wrote a tragic editorial ManLearn more about the abuse and dangers she faced as a child actor, and what people can do to change the conversation about child actors in Hollywood. “For those who click on the Where Are They Now article, I’m here. We’re here. This is my first time reading my story, but it’s our 100 to ask to hear. It’s the 10,000th time, “she wrote in her powerful essay. The “Toddler to Trainrec Industrial Complex” dates back to 1885, “an industrial complex that is notorious and prosperous around children’s entertainers,” she describes.

“This is the first time I’ve read my story, but it’s our million times to ask to hear it.”

The actress, at just 27 years old, “slightly survived” this pipeline, while “extreme peaks and valleys of global fame, hidden medical hospitalizations, artistic milestones, rapid adultization, and I manage multi-layered abuse. ” [she wished] Allison is dealing with the ongoing struggle and trauma caused by the negative effects of child fame, but after working with the therapist, he regains his story and voice as his own, in “one of the luckiest cases”. I recognized that there was. Mental and Emotional Health In the form of a disastrous script, she can and can do to incorporate her personal experience, prevent these horror stories and make a difference for future stars. I presented an action item about the story.

Allison first remembered the audition he had at the age of six. There, she performed a scene in which her character was raped and kidnapped. “The visceral depictions of these scenarios are imprinted in my body’s memory and compounded with the trauma that occurs in real life in a closed room,” she writes. “There is a disturbing dissonance about being instructed to provide my 6-year-old self unprotected to strangers who have power in my well-being and future life.” These horrifying but very To prevent realistic incidents, she can have “qualified third-party mental health professionals in every set”, especially if there are minors, to check working conditions and be safe. Report of illegal activity proposed to be an immediate solution to provide space.

She also described improper and dangerous settings for minors. This often requires child performers to work far beyond the statutory range. (“According to the U.S. Department of Labor, there are still no restrictions on children’s entertainment in 17 states in 2021,” she writes.) Allison directly experienced these negligent conditions, just like a “machine.” I looked back on what I felt. 12 years old.

She was “medically undernourished and chronically stressed”, resulting in severe eating disorders, malaise, and forced rest. “I learned that it is safer to dissociate in order to survive what my mind and body receive every day,” she writes. As young people and their families are not educated on how to deal with these industry norms, Alison urged parents and representatives to require basic industry and media literacy courses.

Finally, the actress revisited the trauma at the age of 17, understanding the risk of losing momentum during the break, but admitted that she had rehabilitated against the team’s guidance and claimed her health. “In just over a decade, industry tentacles have choked and destroyed my family. Every member has their own difficulties,” she writes. “This whole dynamic can distort and deplete even the healthiest humans.” Allison collaborates with everyone, not just the Hollywood people, to change the story of children’s stardom and children. Finished her work by repeating what can help protect her performers.Read her important editorial completely Man..

If you or your loved one is experiencing child abuse or neglect, please contact the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline (1-800-422-4453) by phone or text. You can also live chat with a professional crisis counselor at childhelphotline.org.

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Alyson Stoner on the harmful effects of child stardom

Source link Alyson Stoner on the harmful effects of child stardom

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