Amado Arbury’s mother works to keep her promise with her son one year after his death.

Satilla Shores, Georgia. – It’s been a year since Amad Arbury was chased and shot deadly while running in the southeastern neighborhood of Georgia.

Arbury’s mother, Wanda Jones, has now filed proceedings against the Glynn County Police Department, the accused murderer of her son, and the first two prosecutors involved in the case.

A year after receiving the call that his son was shot dead, Jones told News4Jax that he was still working to keep his promise to him.

“The day Amado was put to rest what I said last was to know what had happened,” she said.

Jones is now much closer to the answer.

Recently, a new video has appeared showing how Glynn County police officers reacted after a deadly shooting.


“It was unrealistic,” Jones said of what she saw in the video. “That is, I have never met or imagined anyone. These are our community, the people who have been put into my community for protection and service. And you are out. When I came and saw a man lying dead in his own blood, I heard a policewoman say, “You did what you had to do.” Wow, it really stuck to me. It’s okay, as you say you killed him. “

Arbury’s family says he was running in the neighborhood of Satilla Shores when his father and sons Travis and Greg McMichael started chasing him in the neighborhood. Greg McMichael told police he thought Arbury was a suspected robber.

The 25-year-old Arbury was finally shot three times.

Ten weeks after the shooting, the suspect was not arrested.

State prosecutor George Burnhill, who was assigned to the case, wrote down his death as a “legitimate murder” before declining himself at the request of Arbury’s mother.


It wasn’t until the local radio station released a video of the shooting that the incident received national attention.

What many are unaware of is that when GBI wasn’t yet asked to investigate, Jones was advocating and investigating himself to make sure someone was investigating more deeply. is.

She says the video changed everything.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation took over the case the day after the video was released and quickly arrested archer Travis McMichael. His father, Greg McMichael. And neighbor Lodi Brian was charged with murder.

Jones is currently in a proceeding on behalf of his son.

In it, Jones said in a text message sent by Glynn County Police a few days before Arbury’s death, he “allowed McMichael’s and other Satilla Shores neighbors to act as law enforcement agencies.” Insist.


The proceedings also allege that the state lawyer in charge of the case told McMichael’s that he “did not have to be arrested” on the day of the shooting. Former district attorney Jackie Johnson denied.

The proceedings also concluded that “this act was a legitimate murder,” prosecutor George Burnhill, before being formally appointed to the case.

“At first it was very unpleasant when they said Armor was a criminal. Armor was a young man. How many times in his life he chose to make the wrong decision. There is, and it was very, very painful to know that he was dead and they were still raising what he did as a young adult, “Jones said. “But at the same time, I refocused on myself, and on February 23, Amad had done nothing wrong and had to realize that he had been killed.”

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Amado Arbury’s mother works to keep her promise with her son one year after his death.

Source link Amado Arbury’s mother works to keep her promise with her son one year after his death.

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