Amanda Gorman says Hamilton helped with speech problems

Amanda Gorman surprised an audience across the country Reading her poem so January 20th Presidential Inauguration CeremonyHowever, as she grew up, she personally dealt with her language disorder.In future interviews Good morning, America Robin Roberts Anchor 20/20 special, Amanda Gorman: Brave enough with Robin Roberts, 23 years old open about her disability, Amazing things she did to overcome it..

“I had a speech disorder from the moment I remember, and if someone asks you why you speak this way, tell them you were born this way,” she told Robin. Told. She struggled to pronounce the word with the “r” sound and said, “I had to work really hard for years, years, years, years” to overcome the obstacles. ..

Interestingly, it was a Broadway musical Hamilton It actually helped her process. “It just compresses the sound over and over again,” she continued. “When I listened to the song” Aaron Burr, Sir “and tried it over and over again, I told myself,’If I can make this song, I can speak this sound anywhere.'”

Amanda previously opened up about language disorders When CBS this morning In March, adding that poem was a great exit for her. “It gave me practice and strength to the point that I could do something like an inaugural poem,” she said then. “I think having a language disorder is not necessarily an obstacle, but actually a strength. It gave me my greatest psychic power, my voice.”

A full interview with Amanda can be seen at: Amanda Gorman: Robin Roberts and Brave enough — 20/20 Special Edition It will air on ABC on September 15th at 10 pm ET.

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Amanda Gorman says Hamilton helped with speech problems

Source link Amanda Gorman says Hamilton helped with speech problems

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