Amazon provides developers with new resources to build Alexa skills

Amazon Alexa Live 2022 A conference for developers to build application-like skills for Alexa-powered smart home devices.

According to Amazon, hundreds of millions of Alexa-enabled devices are in use, and building Alexa skills gives developers a good opportunity to interact with their customers in new ways.

“Last year, customers experienced Alexa skills tens of billions of times. It’s just a skill aspect, not weather, time, etc., but developers actually experience it with a third party. Built. Alexa’s Chief Technology Evangelist, Jeff Blankenberg, told the SD Times.

At the event, the company made a number of announcements to help developers create better Alexa skills, including the new Alexa Learning Lab and Skill Quality Coach.

Alexa Learning Lab is a resource accessible from the developer portal. This allows developers to experiment with new features and get real-time guidance on them. You can change the code and submit it to see the results.

Focusing on multimodal experiences, such as a combination of audio, visual and touch, Blankenberg says these experiences are most resonating with customers.

According to Blankenberg, early assessments showed that developers using Learning Labs were able to quickly pass Amazon’s assessments and also score high on growth measures and their ability to develop skills. rice field.

Another update, Skill Quality Coach, provides developers with scores and recommendations for improvement. Learn the general attributes of a successful skill from an existing Alexa skill and compare it to your skill. Then use this information to provide a plan for improvement.

Developers are provided with a skill quality score in the range 0-5. It is based on a variety of components such as customer experience, skill design attributes such as rich multimodal and voice responses, voice model coverage, content richness and personalization, and endpoint state.

“Developers have a lot of really great ideas about what they want to make, but sometimes when it comes to building it in a way that is very appealing to customers, in a way that makes users come back. Here’s where they can use a little hint or hint here and there. Developers may not have noticed that it helps to add, “Brankenberg said.

For more information on these updates, see Amazon Blog post About the news.

Amazon provides developers with new resources to build Alexa skills

Source link Amazon provides developers with new resources to build Alexa skills

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