An 8-week-old pitbull puppy found to be severely abused in Paterson, NJ

Paterson, NJ (WABC)-Animal rescue organization in New Jersey is trying to find out who abused an eight-week-old pitbull puppy.

Some images may be upset.

Only eight pounds of peanuts were found on the streets of Patterson on April 29, when his gums were torn and his jaw was broken in multiple places, suffering from head trauma.

Peanuts were jointly hospitalized immediately Ramapo Bargain Game Reserve (RBARI) When Jersey pit rescue..

After being taken to the hospital and receiving emergency support care such as fluids, antibiotics and painkillers, doctors determined that the mandible of the peanuts had fractured in several places due to trauma-related injuries.

He was very uncomfortable, lethargic and had a hard time eating.

Based on his blood work, doctors believe he may have been suffering for some time.

Peanuts showed signs of infection and had a fever, so I had surgery immediately.

Peanut surgery was successful despite multiple old fractures in his jaw.

He now has a wire and tape muzzle to stabilize his little jaw as it heals.

“I can’t imagine how confusing our brave little peanuts are, but I’m happy to get the medical care and comfort he really needs,” said Megan Brinster, Executive Director of RBARI. I am.

Peanuts have a hard time eating, so I’m still in the hospital.

Once released by Medical Foster, peanuts eat a cruel diet and need to be rechecked weekly for at least a month.

He takes antibiotics for a while due to the severity of the infection.

His jaw may not heal normally and completely, but doctors expect the peanuts to recover normally.

The rescue team doesn’t know where the peanuts came from or why he was brutally injured and abandoned on the street, but they are working on his care and recovery-and who gave him this. I am working on knowing what I did.

If you have any information, please contact us at adoptlove@rbari.org. To donate to peanut medicine, please visit: rbari.org..

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An 8-week-old pitbull puppy found to be severely abused in Paterson, NJ

Source link An 8-week-old pitbull puppy found to be severely abused in Paterson, NJ

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