An immersive museum featuring local artists opens in St. Pete

NS. Petersburg, Florida — New exhibits in St. Pete’s warehouse and arts district! An immersive museum that stimulates the five senses and will open on Thursday, September 2nd.

It is called Fairgrounds St. Pete.

“Fairgrounds St. The name Pete is actually a reflection or a homage to various things. First, the word” fair “. Therefore, we not only paid the artists to do the installation, but also gave them a percentage of the profit from future ticket sales. So we think it’s very fair. And think about traditional fairgrounds like the Florida State Fairground. It’s a place where people get together and the best and most exciting things are happening. And of course, we’re on Fairfield Avenue, “said Liz Dimit, CEO and co-founder of Fairgrounds St. Pete.

It’s an immersive experience that captivates all senses. It’s set up like a motel with several different rooms, but it’s different from where you’ve stayed.

“Various rooms and exhibitions, artwork by different artists, everything is celebrating weird, wacky and wonderful Florida,” says Dimit.

The museum exhibits works by 60 different artists, 90% of whom are local Florida artists.

Check out the cool photos from the exhibits below!

Iona Paris, a local artist and queen of seashells, said:

Iona Parris is one of the artists exhibiting his work at Fairgrounds St. Petersburg. She is a local in Tampa Bay who makes seashell crowns.

“I can see the crown of my shell. Everywhere in the exhibit there are shells decorated with small jewels. That’s part of mine. Some of the crowns and jewelry are sold at souvenir shops.” Says Paris.

The entire museum is a mystery you have to experience to understand, but one thing is certainly you will get the true taste of Florida at Fairgrounds St. Pete.

“The artwork changes over time, but the space itself is always here,” Dimit said.

For ticket purchase here..

An immersive museum featuring local artists opens in St. Pete

Source link An immersive museum featuring local artists opens in St. Pete

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