Angel Number 555: Everything You Need to Know

Angel numbers are numbers that repeat in a series of three or four that are thought to have special significance for your life. This belief and practice have their roots in numerology which is the study of numbers that are special and unique to your life.

 For instance, in numerology numbers are seen as a universal language and a method of communication to help guide you throughout your life. Maybe you are looking for insight into questions or trying to find depth in your name, heritage, or simply looking for direction in your future. The study of numerology looks at the numbers that are associated specifically with your life and then seeks to help give you those answers you are seeking.

 This can be everything from the numbers associated with your birth, age, specific dates, or even activities.

What is An Angel Number?

An angel number is specifically some number repeated three or four times that has a special significance and guidance for your life. For instance, maybe you keep looking at the clock for no apartment reason at exactly 2:22 p.m. every day, or your favorite caffeinated beverage is a daily charge of $4.44.

 These kinds of repeating numbers are unique in that they are symbolic of guidance and awareness. Whereas some numbers may give insight or clarity, these are considered to be guiding, hence the term ‘angel number’ which is reminiscent of a guardian angel concept.

 In numerology, the general idea is that numbers are used as a method of communication between yourself and the universe. An angel number is something that you will want to pay specific attention to as it is significant and impactful for your life.

Common Angel Numbers

Angel numbers have a variety of different meanings, and even within one angle number there can be several different interpretations. However, there are certain angel numbers that are very well and that you should be aware of.

 Some of them are more urgent and direct than others, as they point to outward change or impending events. Others act as reminders and give insight. Here are a couple of the most common angel numbers and what they mean.

Angel Numbers: 1

The amber number one consists of multiples of one such as 11, 111, or 1111. When you begin to see these duplicates of the number 1, it could be a sign of internal affirmation as to your personhood and character.

 One is associated with originality and ingenuity. This could be a way of you discovering who you are and the unique attributes that make you, you.

Angel Numbers: 2

The number 2 seen in repeat is typically indicative of personal growth. This can be a good number to look out for during great seasons of growth and challenge. Typically growth even if it is very good, has a certain amount of challenge. Being reminded by the number 2 of your current stage can serve to encourage you to keep growing and not give up.

What About Angel Number 555?

To recognize the angel number 5 is to notice multiples of 5 popping up in your life consistently. Maybe you just moved to a new town and you find yourself daily commuting on a new highway that is named 55, or you just got a new cell phone number that has a consecutive repetition of the number 5 inside of it.

 When you notice these numbers, wherever they may be cropping up in your life, this angle number could mean a number of things. Generally, angle number 555 means the emergence or preparation for a significant change in your life.

 This can look like many, many different things. This could be a career change, a change in personal tastes, or even a change of scenery as you may be about to move. These changes can be either good or bad as the angel number itself is not indicative of the quality of that change outside of its immenseness.

 Some interpretations of angel number 555 deal with the romantic and relational realm. This is in line with the angle number still being associated with change, however, it in certain respects has been held as regarding romance and passion.

What About a Personal Angel Number?

When a person takes on a personal angel number they are associating one of the angel numbers with their entire life. This is something personal and something that every person must find out for themselves.


Most of the time this process includes the consistent association of a certain number with their life. For instance, it isn’t possible to simply pick an angel number to be associated with, however, it is possible to notice a consistency of association.

People Who Associate with Angel Number 555

Individuals who associate themselves with angel number 555 tend to be those who are drawn to romance and passion. This angel number can represent a need for attention and affirmation that can best be satisfied through a love-based relationship.

 This is still in line with the underlying concept of the angel number 5, in that it represents a significant change. However, those who have associated themselves with angel number 555, can face challenges when it comes to experiencing that change.

 Their hearts are desirous of love and romantic commitment, however, because that is the bent of their passion and interest, they can struggle to get there. These individuals can experience discouragement if their desires are not reciprocated or their ambitions are not met. People who find themselves in this camp will have to be constantly aware and willing to let go and try new things in order to find the love and attention they desire.

This Doesn’t Mean They Have to Change Who They Are

Because this number is associated with change, it will take a change to see these desires fulfilled. However, this isn’t indicative of changing who they are, but simply being willing to be grown through their experiences to find their passions and fulfillment as they discover more of who they truly are.


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