Anna Wintour talks about Andre Leon Talley’s death

At the end of Tuesday, there was unfortunate news that fashion icon Andre Leon Talley died at the age of 73. Many have expressed their condolences for his contributions to the fashion world. Anna Wintour, now Vogue Editor-in-Chief, talks about Andre’s death.

At the beginning of Wednesday, Anna, with whom Andre had worked for many years, broke her silence and screamed in the wake of his death.In a statement published in trend, Anna said: The generation that inspired him to work in the industry saw someone who never forgot where he started and broke the boundaries.People who know fashion, and trend, It’s just his fault. “

She continued. “Many colleagues who were always highlighted with each new discovery of Andre talked loudly and lively. They couldn’t excite people with more seemingly insignificant fashion details than he did. .. Even his colorful fax and email flow was a highly anticipated event and we were all looking forward to it. “

Anna briefly acknowledged and continued the difficulties she and Andre experienced in their relationship. It’s immeasurable. He was wonderful, knowledgeable, and terribly entertaining — also mercury. There were complex moments, like decades of relationships, but what I want to remember today is the wonderful compassion that I and my family have been generous and affectionate friends for years. A person with And the one we all miss very much. “

Many people used Twitter to express disappointment with Vogue’s delay in approving Andre’s death, after being announced Tuesday night before her remarks.

As Before It was reported on Tuesday that Andre had died at a hospital in White Plains, New York.

We would like to express our deepest condolences to Andre’s loved ones.

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Anna Wintour talks about Andre Leon Talley’s death

Source link Anna Wintour talks about Andre Leon Talley’s death

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