Anna’s Invention: Did Anna Delbay know Billy McFarland?

To be honest, we have a modest affection when a scammer is scammed. And that once happened entirely in Anna Delvey and Billy McFarland, the subject of the new Netflix series “Inventing Anna.”Remember, McFarland was the mastermind behind 2017 unlucky fire festival.. The poorly planned music festival crashed and burned due to poor planning and was completely ridiculed.And of course, Delvey A fake German heir who deceived many people in the upper crust of New York from their money.. So which scammer has scammed another scammer? Of course, Delbay made the most of McFarland.

In “Inventing Anna,” Delvey (played by Julia Garner) comments on McFarland’s upcoming Fyre Festival. This definitely wonders if the actual Delvey knows McFarland. It turns out that the two were acquainted many years ago.

According to the source on page 6, Delbay reportedly stiffened McFarland Of the rent for a few months. In 2013, she started living in the loft of his company Magnises in New York City, but she conveniently forgot to pay her. “Anna knew the people on Billy’s team,” sources said. “She asked me to stay for just a few days … and then she wouldn’t leave.”

McFarland reportedly didn’t want a confrontation with Delbay, so he had a hard time asking her to leave. “He hinted, the staff hinted,” the source said. “She had Balenciaga bags and clothes everywhere. The company eventually moved to a townhouse. That’s the only way to get her out! She was there for four months!”

Eventually, both glyphers were put in jail. Delvey in 2019 Theft and theft, But she was finally released.But she soon Arrested again for overstaying her visa.. As of early 2022, she is still in prison.On the other hand, McFarland Convicted of wire fraud, email fraud, counterfeit documents, etc. In 2018, he was still sentenced to six years in prison.

Anna’s Invention: Did Anna Delbay know Billy McFarland?

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