Anna’s Invention: Did Anna Delvey have a stylist in her trial?

“Fashion show! Fashion show! Lunch fashion show!” Is my exact reaction to learning it Anna Delbay — Also known as “Soho Glyphter” or by her Genuine Named Anna Sorokin — held a fashion show for the jury at her trial. This detail of Solokin’s stupid history that paved her way to New York’s most elite circle feels like something directly from a fictional television show (Netflix’s next adaptation of her story, “Inventing Anna”. (Like), it’s very realistic. After all, if you’re going to pretend to be an innocent social notable, you have to look at that part.

When a trial photo wearing Solokin emerges Black dress with wide open chest, That made people talk — and of course.But it’s also how she did with Yves Saint Laurent’s blouse Victoria Beckham Pants behind the bar.

According to The New York Post, Sorokin’s lawyer, Todd Spodek, has made an associate tran to H & M. Spend $ 200 on what didn’t scream prisonersTo shake the jury’s opinion about Solokin’s “guilty” appearance. Arriving in Rikers Island prison uniform, Solokin quickly performed 180 and appeared in court wearing a beige sweater, a black capri and a black blazer. (Her legal team originally put on her pointed sword, but the Correctional Bureau denied the shoe by calling it “too dangerous.”) The wardrobe crisis was averted, it was Solokin’s. It was just the beginning of the court runway. ..

Spodek and his legal team later pulled up Ante. In a 2019 email to GQ, Spodek confirmed He hired stylist Solokin.. “It is imperative that Anna be dressed appropriately for the trial. Anna’s style is the driving force behind her business and life, and it’s part of her. Have the jury look at her side and help the stylist. Asked to choose. [sic] Appropriate outfit for trial.But the logistics of trial costume drop-offs on Rikers Island are not. [sic] It doesn’t work in our favor, “he wrote.

Her first many talked-about looks included tights, flats, a black ensemble of choker necklaces, and her infamous black dress with wide open chest. In particular, Solokin’s pin-straight hairstyle looked like he had just stepped off the driver. The next day, Solokin put on her Saint Laurent blouse and Victoria Beckham’s trousers and stepped into her courtroom.The mastermind behind these iconic court costumes was a stylist Anastasia WalkerIts A-list customers include T-Pain and G-Eazy.

It may look backward and twisted, but Sorokin has a stylist for her trial — She was finally convicted of $ 275,000 Conning From friends, businesses, banks — maybe her most real thing.

Anna’s Invention: Did Anna Delvey have a stylist in her trial?

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