Anna’s Invention: Did Anna Delvey pay for Netflix shows?

A few years after the shocking story of “Soho Glyphter” became a hot topic The story of Anna Delvey teeth On the road to Netflix In future series “Invent Anna.” The real Delvey (aka Anna Sorokin) continues her proceedings, so I couldn’t help wondering if she was rewarded by Netflix for her story.

According to insiders Sorokin got paid by Netflix In exchange for her right to talk — cool over $ 320,000. She reportedly uses the money to pay repayments to banks and other people who have fraudulently committed during the banquet. Her financial records, reviewed by an insider, show that she paid $ 199,000 of that Netflix money for return to the bank (including $ 70,000 she still has to pay to Citibank) and liquidated a state fine of $ 24,000. Indicates that you paid to do so. She is also considering $ 75,000 for her attorney’s fees, and her proceedings are moving towards a conclusion, a small amount against other victims.

The complexity of life story rights, that is, the right to portray the lives of real people, especially those who lived relatively recently as opposed to centuries ago, is a particularly troublesome area of ​​entertainment law. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “The only cause of action Celebrities and public figures oppose the use of his / her name. Portraits and life stories in non-profit speeches are for false light and defamation. Legal Checklist) To sue even an “unauthorized” story, unless it is blatantly damaging or false. However, having life story rights can bring benefits to the production company, such as exclusive access to information and resources. As a veneer of credibility in court of public opinion.

Netflix and other producers aren’t the only ones bound by this life story deal. So is Solokin. As the BBC explained, Such a contract limits Solokin from talking about her elsewhere... For years after her debut, she participated in other documentaries, talked about herself at talk shows, wrote books, and talked about herself in other formats outside the scope of the television series. You can’t. It’s another step in a story where public attention and money are at the center of everything.

Anna’s Invention: Did Anna Delvey pay for Netflix shows?

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