Anna’s Invention: Nef Davis, Are Anna Delvey Still Friends?

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The Scammer Anna Delvey’s lies and deceptionAnna Sorokin, also known as Anna Sorokin, is being explored again in a new series of Netflix.Anna’s invention.. “Shondaland, hosted by the series — this Star Julia Garner that’s why Fake heirs (Completed with Fake accent) — Pretend to be a luxury lifestyle leader and dig deeper into how Sorokin scammed banks and New York’s largest social circles. One of the people involved in Solokin’s lie net is the filmmaker Nefatari “Nef” Davis.

Davis first met Solokin When she was working at the front desk of a luxury hotel in 11 Howard, Soho. Solokin eventually skipped the bill after making friends with Davis during his stay for a few months, enjoying a gorgeous meal, a designer brand, and going out with social notables. Prior to Solokin’s arrest, Davis had no suspicion of cheating on Solokin. “When this story first broke what Anna did, my mother said,” How could I get involved with her? Why would this happen? All I had to do was go to work every day. I had to say. ” Davis told Paper magazine in 2018.

In May 2019, Sorokin was found guilty of massive theft and service theft. She was sentenced to nearly two years in prison and was sentenced to $ 24,000 and $ 199,000 in reparations. She was released from prison on February 11, 2021. So the question remains: where are Davis and Solokin standing now?

Well, Davis and Solokin are still like friends. Posted by Davis on January 23rd Instagram birthday tribute To commemorate Solokin’s 31st day. Along with the pair’s photo album, Davis writes: “Happy birthday @theannadelvey. I can say a lot, but I think @ inventinganna will cover it for me. I don’t agree with everything you’ve had in this lifetime, but I’m never in the shade I couldn’t forget about you .. Quality is important. I ❤️ you are a crazy tail. “

When Davis spoke to the Paper in 2018, she revealed that when the truth about Solokin’s identity was revealed, she was “upset” rather than hurt. “I thought she would have kept her with me if we were her friends,” Davis said. “I already knew she would run away with her bill [at 11 Howard]But I just thought she ran out of money in the trust fund.So Jessica [Pressler] Anna said she was in Rikers and asked if she had friends in New York, she said she was the only one. At that time, I realized that Anna was protecting me by not telling me what was happening to her. I’m not angry with her. ”

She continued. “In the end, she did what she did, but people didn’t buy the story because she was a thief. They bought it because she escaped it. Is my friend, but I don’t know Anna that everyone else is doing, so I think I got Anna that no one else actually saw. “

“”Anna’s invention“It will premiere on Netflix on February 11th.

Anna’s Invention: Nef Davis, Are Anna Delvey Still Friends?

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