Anna’s Invention: Was Anna Delbay Deported?

Anna Delbay (real name is Anna Sorokin) A fake Russian heir at the heart of Netflix’s latest scammer miniseries “Inventing Anna” Julia Garner is appearing as the title character. The show talks about how Delbay talked sweetly about New York’s social circles and raised thousands of dollars with her friends in the process. She would have escaped everything with it, but one of her many friends trapped by a scammer woman from the savings of their lives was caught up in her whims. Reported her to the authorities.. Delbay was eventually arrested for theft, but one of the biggest pieces of her fraud puzzle was the fact that she committed all this fraud in the United States, but in reality in American citizens There was no. She is German. It jeopardizes her position in the United States — but has she ever been deported?

Well, Delbay was arrested in 2017, but wasn’t arrested Convicted of her crime Until May 2019, 4 to 12 years in prison. She was also ordered to pay $ 199,000 in compensation and was fined $ 24,000. When she was released in February 2021, she returned to her normal life in New York, posted on her social media, and regained attention. However, she was short-lived the following month as she was immediately arrested by ICE for overestimating her visa in the United States.

It was speculated for several months that Delbay would be deported to Germany, but according to an ABC report in October 2021, it was reported. She is currently under the control of ICE awaiting deportation in New York City..

In a February 2nd essay for insiders, Delbay shared a little about her life in prisonIncluding her feeling that she was arrested for overestimating her visa in the first place. “I’m here because the Immigration and Customs Department has determined that the early release of benefits from prisons doesn’t mean anything to them. If you leave it to my own (legal) equipment, it’s completely self-sufficient. Despite being self-sufficient, in fact, I’m showing ongoing danger. The community, “she wrote.

Delbay claims that the visa overstay was not her fault. “My visa overstay was unintentional and almost unmanageable to me. I was sentenced to imprisonment but sued a criminal record to reveal my name.” Delbay Should be allowed to stay in the United States as it repays what it borrowed from previous fraud and complies with all of the ICE and New York parole rules (except, of course, overestimating the visa portion). I insist. “I haven’t been given a clear and fair path to compliance yet,” she writes.

For now, Delbay is still in prison in Orange County, awaiting a decision on where she will go next.

Anna’s Invention: Was Anna Delbay Deported?

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