Anna’s Invention: What Happened to Anna Delvey’s Parents?

Netflix “Anna’s invention“The series takes the viewer in Anna Delbay’s Life (Knee) Anna Sorokin) And find out how she was able to get rid of one of the biggest scams in history. Pretending to be a wealthy social celebrityDelbay fraudulent bankers, Scammed New York Elite.. She claimed to be a German heir in reality. Her mom owned a small convenience store And her dad worked as a truck driver before he started his own air conditioning business. So where are Delbay’s parents now?

As of 2007 Delbay’s family lives in Germany.. At the time of the move, Delbay was 16 years old, but eventually left for New York in 2013. Her parents initially helped Solokin with living expenses when she moved, but they haven’t been in touch since they learned about her scam. “Before she was detained, I knew nothing about her life in the United States,” Vadim Sorokin, Delbay’s father, said earlier. Russian newspaper.. “Our daughter has never sent us money. On the contrary, she borrowed. Of course, we are very worried about her.”

of Interview with The New York Times, Delbay called his parents “conservative” and did not attend her trial in 2019. “I really want her daughter to find what she’s looking for,” Vadim Sorokin said. DailyMailTV In 2019 after she was found guilty of massive theft and service theft. “I don’t affect her life or her behavior. It’s up to her what she did …. she has a selfish personality, so we can’t do anything about it. . We raised her well. “

Delbay was sentenced to nearly two years in prison and was sentenced to $ 24,000 and $ 199,000 in reparations. In February 2021, she was released from prison. However, her freedom was short-lived as she was detained by the Immigration and Customs Department in late March due to overvaluation of visas in the United States. She is reportedly currently detained in ICE Detention awaiting deportation.

“Inventing Anna” will premiere on Netflix on February 11th.

Anna’s Invention: What Happened to Anna Delvey’s Parents?

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