Anna’s Invention: Where is Rachel Delosh Williams now?

Following the explosive success of “Bridgerton” The next big thing about Shondaland Netflix’s “Inventing Anna” Which Bring Julia Garner to a small screen Depict Real abuse of fake heir Anna Delvey, Also known as Anna Sorokin. In the face of a luxurious lifestyle in New York City’s social scene, Solokin wasn’t just scamming banks and senior circles. One of her victims was her former friend Rachel Delo Ash Williams. And it was imprisoned from thousands of dollars. So what happened to Williams?If you’re wondering, yes, Williams definitely talks publicly about Solokin and publishes a 2019 book. “My friend Anna: the true story of a fake heir.” Here’s what we know about her friendship with Solokin and where she is today:

Friendship between Rachel Delosh Williams and Anna Sorokin

Williams and Solokin I met at a nightclub in 2016 In New York City when Williams was working as a photo editor for “Vanity Fair”.Solokin was impersonating a German heir and went around telling people that she was worth it. $ 67 million And she Private membership club for artists..A year after friendship, Williams and Solokin We went to Marrakech, Morocco together in May 2017.. Despite inviting Williams to a full-pay trip, Solokin asked Williams to submit a bill that had begun to accumulate. In total Travel expenses are $ 62,000 For luxury dining and shopping trips, as well as flights and luxury villas. Apparently, Solokin’s credit card stopped working, so she asked Williams to accept the invoice. She promised to repay Williams, but never. Even after Williams asked for money for weeks — Williams after all Divide the amount into two credit cards.. The depth of Solokin’s fraud began to become apparent when Williams reported her friend to the police.

Where is Rachel De Roche Williams today?

Solokin was finally arrested and tried in California — Williams actually helped police find her and testified to her in court.Fake heirs Convicted 4 counts for service theft, 3 counts for massive theft, and 1 count for attempted massive theft.The jury Did not plead guilty to steal from Williams, Williams credit card company Forgive most of her debt..

according to Williams Portfolio, She works as a writer and photographer after being fired From the 2019 Vanity Fair..That same year she published “My friend Anna: the true story of a fake heir.” As you may have already guessed, this book follows Solokin’s story and Williams’ former best friend’s direct account. In addition to her book, Williams also signed a contract with HBO for a project on Delvey’s life, The project was still in development as of February 2021..

Anna’s Invention: Where is Rachel Delosh Williams now?

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