Apple plans to use satellite technology to release new iPhone features

Roommate, if you didn’t think it was Apple iPhone I couldn’t get any better, think again! The upcoming Apple iPhone 13 is coming soon, and Apple is stepping up new technologies for mobile phones that you didn’t know you needed. The street is already discussing one feature focused on satellite features. These features change the way you contact emergency services so you can run other calls for money.

according to BloombergThe iPhone’s satellite capabilities allow users to send text to first responders and report crashes in their area without the use of cellular coverage or signals. This feature is integrated into the Messages app as a third protocol. Instead of being displayed as a green or blue bubble, the message bubble will be gray. Another satellite network feature allows users to report other major emergencies, such as plane crashes and sunken ships. Users can also send messages to emergency contacts even if the silent setting is turned on.

This feature can also send the iPhone user’s location and medical ID via the health app, along with information such as the user’s medical history, age, medication, height and weight. It also notifies the emergency contacts listed on the device. According to Apple sources, Apple is developing at least two related emergency features that rely on satellite networks for release on future iPhones. The evolution of this process has been going on for years. Since 2017, Apple has a dedicated team to study the concept of satellite technology.

After TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo spoke on the phone, there is speculation that the upcoming iPhone will be enhanced with satellite capabilities later this week. She argued that Apple was most likely to work with American satellite communications company Globalstar Inc. But that is unknown.

All the good things will take time before the feature is officially released. Apple hasn’t set a release date yet. So when we release the next iPhone 13 scheduled for mid-September, it looks like we need to keep an eye on what they reveal.

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Apple plans to use satellite technology to release new iPhone features

Source link Apple plans to use satellite technology to release new iPhone features

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