Ari Fletcher talks about her relationship with Moneybagg Yo with her new diamond ring

From its appearance, Ali Fletcher spent a week full of love. On her Valentine’s Day, she shared pictures of a room full of hundreds of red roses and petals, balloons and candles. A few days later, Paper magazine Ari and Moneybagg Yo have released a love day themed photo shoot featuring a romantic Malibu vacation and their love story. Then, on Friday, Ali shared a tweet in response to the new diamond ring.

“It’s a 22 carat diamond ring for me,” Ali tweeted in a question format. “It’s so big that I’m scared to wear it. I’m just staring in shock.”

The influencer wasn’t specific about how she received the gift. She didn’t give Moneybagg her name, and she didn’t show her glittering appearance in her glory. But the ring gives her talent in a way that Ali seems to have questioned the giant rock that is for her.

Luxury valentine’s day

One thing about it is that couples are known to give each other a luxurious gift. Apparently, Moneybagg’s Valentine’s Day decoration cost him over $ 50,000.Event organizer Nagy Jaris Told the shade room Her team used more than 1,000 roses for $ 50 a bouquet to fill the space in the house. 400 of those roses were used specifically to cover the bedroom.

“We had to peel the flowers by hand because the florist didn’t have enough petals in the store that morning,” Nagy said. “It took five people from my team and it took about three hours to remove more than 400 roses to make enough petals to fill the room.”

Well, the effort seems to have paid off! She captioned Moneybagg’s astonishing “Drowning in Euphoria” photo.

Origin of love story

Couple I shared a private conversation When paper We talked about how they met, their favorite gifts, and being together forever. Moneybagg said he first saw Ari shopping at the mall, but she didn’t move because of the crowded surroundings. Instead, he reached out to each other’s friends to arrange a meeting at a party in Atlanta.

In another part of their conversation, Moneybagg asked Ari what he liked to do with him. She jokingly said that she would “have sex” and then prefer to “do normal things” such as chilling in bed with her. Then they both talked about their previous trip to St. Thomas.

“It was intimate and there weren’t too many people,” Ali said. “We hid in the rain and slept outside. It was romantic. It was probably my favorite trip of my life.”

In addition to their words, the article was featured Gorgeous shots of a couple Enjoying Valentine’s Day decoration.

together forever

Moneybagg Yo replied, “I had never experienced true love until I was actually with you.”

He went on to say, “I think this is the best. This is the last.”

Ali asked if their relationship was his last reply. She asked, “Is there anyone else?” And he confirmed “everyone”.

On Saturday, she shared a video of a woman who thought it was a prank and suspected her boyfriend’s proposal. Ali informed us that she could be involved in the energy of her girlfriend, “this is me. I can’t believe it,” she said.

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Ari Fletcher talks about her relationship with Moneybagg Yo with her new diamond ring

Source link Ari Fletcher talks about her relationship with Moneybagg Yo with her new diamond ring

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