Ariana DeBose, Chris Pine star in new Disney animated film ‘Wish;’ in theaters November 22.

PHILADELPHIA — In theaters next week, the latest in Disney’s 100-year collection of animated musicals: “Wish.”

It’s is the story of a young girl names Asha who is on a mission to remind all of us of the power of our dreams.

“There was a lot of Asha that I was just like, ‘Yes! This is indicative of my own journey,'” said Ariana DeBose, the voice of Asha. “I think when you follow your instincts, and you honor all the parts of yourself, you will never go wrong.”

From Broadway to the big screen, Oscar winner Ariana DeBose is now entering the Disney legacy as Asha, a young girl on a big quest to save the wishes of her kingdom.

“I’m a Disney kid,” she said. “I think one of my first films was ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ and then ‘Aladdin.’ I dressed up as all of the different princesses and heroines along the way.”

And now, Disney fans are already dressing up as Asha.

“I think there’s something really special about knowing that this character, with her beautiful brown skin and her freckles and her braids, is going to hopefully inspire so many generations to come,” DeBose said.

Asha is up against Chris Pine’s King Magnifico. Pine says he had fun being the villain.

“It’s always more fun to play the bad guy,” he said. “You grew up with Disney, and you grew up with Scar and Jafar and Gaston and all the bad guys. To be able to be a part of that legacy and 100 years in is a real privilege.”

To take on Magnifico, Asha gets help along the way from her family, her friends and her goat, Valentino. In true Disney fashion, she also gets an assist from a wishing star.

This is a film about never letting anyone take your wish from you.

“The reality is, it’s not for them,” DeBose said. “You are entitled to dream or wish any way that you like. Dream away!”

“Wish” is in theaters November 22.

The Walt Disney Company is the parent company of this ABC station. Ariana DeBose, Chris Pine star in new Disney animated film ‘Wish;’ in theaters November 22.

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