Arista Adds Cloud, Automation Features

Arista Networks has added intelligent features to its core CloudVision management platform to help manage and automate distributed workloads.

CloudVision provides wired and wireless visibility, orchestration, provisioning, telemetry, and analytics across data centers, campuses, and more recently IoT devices on edge networks. CloudVision network information is available to Arista Networks partners such as VMware and Microsoft.

To that combination, Arista has added what are called CloudVision 2021 and CloudVision Studios. This adds network intelligence capabilities to make it easier to automate and manage workflows across Arista-based networks.

CloudVision Studios provides built-in workflows for many common configuration-related tasks, including template creation for early campus construction, workflows for adding incremental network capacity, and basic daily help desk-driven changes. .. In addition, CloudVision Studio can be created or customized for any feature set, bypassing the inflexible “wizard” interface found in traditional network management systems.

“CloudVision Studios enables network semantics based on results and roles, rather than the hassle of today’s tedious device-by-device configuration. It was designed uniquely, “says Arista President and CEO Jayshree Ulll in a blog about upgrades.

According to Ullal, enterprise customers can automate their daily campus tasks and transform their business needs into flexible operations and an improved experience.

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Arista Adds Cloud, Automation Features

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