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Arizona lawmakers amended the state’s sex education law two years after removing the ban on HIV / AIDS orders that “promote gay lifestyles” in the face of proceedings, the most in the country We are approaching to make it tougher. To teach about LGBTQ issues.

Measures promoted by strong social conservative groups have been structured as a matter of parental rights, with schools discussing gender identity, sexual orientation, or discussions about HIV / AIDS in sex education classes. You need to get permission.

Schools also need to approve children learning about historic events, including sexual orientation, such as the discussion of the modern gay rights movement that arose from the Stonewall riots in New York in 1969. The bill was passed by a Republican-controlled Senate in a partisan vote and was being discussed in the Republican-led House of Representatives on Wednesday.

Arizona is one of the Republican-led states where lawmakers are considering similar changes to sex education. Teaching parents about LGBTQ issues in other efforts to support social change, including several state laws prohibiting transgender athletes from competing in school teams of a particular gender A new move to give more control over what can be done to the Guttmacher Institute, a reproductive rights group that tracks such laws.

According to the National Assembly of Parliament, Arizona is one of five states that already require parental permission before a child can attend a sex education class. The new proposal essentially requires a dual opt-in of HIV / AIDS instruction to address sexual orientation or gender identity. LGBTQ discussions in other classes will require additional permission.

Idaho law also requires notification and opt-in, including discussions of sexual orientation outside of sex education classes. It has passed the House of Representatives and is waiting for Senate action.

Tennessee and Missouri lawmakers need to notify their parents before giving instructions on sexual orientation or gender identity, but are considering measures to rule out historical references.

So far this year, at least 22 transgender or non-gender-incompatible people have been killed in the United States. 2020 will be the most deadly year for the transgender community since the Human Rights Campaign began tracking violence against transgender.

In Montana, the Senate was initially considering a bill that was intended to require parents to opt in to sex education, but it was changed in response to backlash from education groups.

Advocates of inclusive sex education say that such laws can have widespread adverse effects under the guise of parental rights by limiting fact-based education that young people need to stay safe. It states.

“They are constantly calling for a review of the curriculum — and the sex education curriculum is already being reviewed,” said Allison McClin, senior policy adviser to the progressive group SIECUS: Sex Ed for Social Change. “Therefore, these criteria are determined by the educator, the professional, and there is always an opportunity for parents to review the curriculum.”

The Arizona Policy Center, the leader of the group that supports Arizona’s proposal, said it was to ensure that parents had control over what their children were taught.

“The purpose of Senate Bill 1456 is to monitor parents’ rights, give them access to learning materials, and give parents the opportunity to opt in to classes dealing with human sexuality,” said the group’s president. One Cathi Herrod said. ..

She said the same was true whether the class was sex education or the argument of the ancient Greeks, where homosexuality was common.

“While these topics are not stopped, when talking about sex education and notifying parents, parents deserve the opportunity to make the decision to involve their students in classroom discussions. “I will,” said Herrod.

McClin called the proposal an effort to strengthen the barrier.

“In a sense, it’s a subliminal way of trying to introduce anti-homosexuality by saying that you can’t talk or talk about it at school,” she said. Movement. “

Opponents of Arizona law pointed to the abolished 1991 law on the guidance of HIV / AIDS as a motive for the new proposal. The LGBTQ group filed a lawsuit over the law almost 30 years later.

GLAAD President and CEO Sarakate said “everything is being voted on” for LGBTQ Americans on election day, including the fate of gay marriage, and when voters are elected president Advised to look at the candidate’s record of rights.

The 2019 abolition came after state Supreme School officials and the Attorney General refused to protect Arizona from lawsuits alleging unconstitutional discrimination and limited educational opportunities for LGBTQ students.

Democrats warned in a house debate Wednesday that the new proposal had similar constitutional issues.

A group of college students say that sex education in Arizona has already receded, and new proposals move it further away from what young people need to know.

Lee Chiffelle, a junior student studying astrophysics at Arizona State University, said she began pushing for changes in sex education policy as a high school student dissatisfied with the lack of factual and honest education. She said she learned the most important lessons from her mother, but not all young people can rely on their parents.

“I was lucky, but many of my friends weren’t so lucky,” Chiffelle said. “Many parents seem to think that teenagers wouldn’t have sex if you didn’t talk about it, but that’s definitely not true.”

Arizona’s measures prevent schools from teaching sex education by grade 5, requiring 60 days in advance to notify of curriculum changes, even if required by the new law. A public meeting is required for revisions.

Chiffelle said he agreed that parents needed to be able to see the curriculum, but said it could already be done under Arizona law. She was worried about everything from her parents not returning her permit to banning sex education before the fifth grade. It focuses on the “good touch-bad touch” skill and how to determine if you are being abused and how to get help.

She said the most dangerous aspect of the new proposal is to support the traditional gender role and limit discussions on sexual orientation and gender identity.

“In addition to LGBTQ, teens have a very high suicide rate, so this education is needed to promote an inclusive and acceptable environment, but when they are placed in an acceptable and acceptable environment. ,, their suicide rate drops dramatically. ”

Arizona May Approve Country’s Strict Sex Education Regulations – NBC4 Washington

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