Arrested after an explosion in Hamilton Township, NJ

New Jersey-New Jersey police arrested a “bomber” suspect in an act on Saturday and charged him with several charges of a second possession of an explosive device and a second possession of a destroyer.

According to police, 47-year-old Brunton Mesovsky was arrested after witnessing a Hamilton police security unit exploding an explosive on Globeville-Allentown Road on Saturday night.

Police were monitoring the area after residents began reporting frequent explosions on the road.
For months, neighbors say they’ve been plagued by the sound of “bombs” around the roads next to some residential areas.

“This rocked my house and I found it to be more than the M-80,” said Robert Sydorko, comparing the noise to the powerful fireworks M-80.

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Sydorko said the unstable sounds became more frequent and stronger, and smoke could be seen left behind.

“Smoke was swirling from the right side by the bridge, it was a huge smoke smoke. Literally it blocked the road. It was between 50-80 feet in the air,” Sydorko said.
Nick and Val Lytwyn said they initially thought the kids were playing with fireworks. But they started to feel the vibrations and recently knew it was something different as the explosions were happening more often.

“It sounded like dynamite,” said Nick Ritwin.

His wife Val added, “When I heard it happening many times, I immediately jumped out of bed.”

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Police watched a YouTube video on a channel titled “Brant Meshofski”. The video doesn’t show a face, but you can see a hand holding a plastic bottle filled with something that looks like a rock and an explosive with a fuse. The person in the video ignites a fuse and throws a bottle into water to explode it.

Hamilton Police, Detective Daniel Inman (609-581-4035) or dinman@hamiltonpd.org Or 609-581-4008 crime hint line. The FBI, NJSP, and Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office are also supporting the investigation.

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Arrested after an explosion in Hamilton Township, NJ

Source link Arrested after an explosion in Hamilton Township, NJ

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