As Britain improves vaccine drive, Londoners come across Covid boosters

People have been patiently waiting outside the red brick building as fear of Omicron variants spurred the next round of mass vaccination across Britain, lining wet West London paved roads on Friday. rice field.

Those who were eager for jabs in the Hammersmith area were one of about 3.5 million people aiming for weekly vaccination by the end of January for the UK government to respond to the new COVID-19 strain.

The country has already identified dozens of Omicron cases this week and is using a very successful jab program so far in the hope of boosting immunity to the virus.

“I’m not from the UK, so I want to travel for Christmas, so I wanted to get the booster early, not later,” Serafina Cuomo said, waiting for her. Third dose..

“I’m not particularly worried about getting sick, but I’m worried about the impact it has on school, normal activities and travel,” added an Italian university lecturer.

Going further, Lotfi Ladjemi, a worker in the financial industry, said he was taking advantage of the “first opportunity” available to boosters.

“No one seems to understand if the vaccine is effective against it, so it’s better to get the vaccine right away,” said 42-year-old AFP.

“If it gets worse and the vaccine turns out to be less effective, there are at least boosters.”


Ben Coleman, a local council member of the Hammersmith and Fulham district authorities who provide the site, said jab intake has skyrocketed since the emergence of variants in southern Africa last month.

“The message is coming, but I’m going to do more to promote it,” he said, adding 500 recipients last weekend.

“Many people don’t realize that after two vaccinations, it’s like a battery, drained and needs to be recharged.”

The UK, which suffered the most from COVID-19, which killed more than 145,000 people, is competing to provide a third dose to all adults over the age of 18 through the state-owned National Health Service.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has vowed that the vaccination center will “pop up like a Christmas tree.” Military personnel Drafted to deliver the shot.

Coleman said the local council was confident about the supplies, but not confident about having voluntary, professional, or military staff manage them.

“We have vaccines. The problem is putting them in people’s arms,” ​​he said.


In the obscure building of the council dedicated to the jab’s efforts, recipients waited in their seats under bright white lights for their turn to be inoculated.

After the injection, you will be asked to wait 15 minutes before leaving the facility in case of side effects.

“We now had a booster, both of us,” said 76-year-old Thassos Zierepis, sitting beside his wife Celine.

“Isn’t it scary?” She added Omicron.

The couple received the first two doses in Cyprus, and the sudden appearance spurred the third dose.

Tasos Tsielepis was hospitalized for a week after revealing that he had been infected with the virus early in the pandemic.

“It was terrible,” he recalled. “It leaves (that) traces … tired, you feel long wrong.

“No one is confident because we don’t know what’s coming after Omicron,” Tsielepis added.

Meanwhile, computer engineer Roberto Rich left the vaccination hub with a public spirit.

“It’s essential to protect others and stay healthy,” he told AFP.

“We have a citizen’s duty to protect others … it’s for our families and it’s important for everyone around us.”

Pfizer is already working on a Covid vaccine targeting Omicron: CEO

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As Britain improves vaccine drive, Londoners come across Covid boosters

Source link As Britain improves vaccine drive, Londoners come across Covid boosters

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