As new variants spread in France, some want a third blockade.

Paris – New virus variants are spreading rapidly in multiple parts of France, local governments have ordered stricter mask rules and curfew crackdowns along the English Channel coast, and demand for a new blockade in the east is increasing.

France closed its border with the United Kingdom in December, according to a statement by the Community Health Organization on Saturday, but the first viral variant identified in Kent, England, was a recent viral case around the French port city of Dunkirk. Mostly involved.

Local administration ordered stricter mask rules and urged people in Dunkirk and several other areas not to leave the town to limit their spread. Saturated hospitals in the city are sending COVID-19 patients to other areas as the number of people in need of intensive care surges.

French national public health agencies said Thursday that spreading variants could exacerbate the country’s viral status in the coming weeks after a long period of stable infection and hospitalization since the last blockade was lifted in December. I warned that there was.


The predominant subspecies in the United Kingdom was detected in almost one-quarter of all cases in northern France and in 20% of cases in the Paris region in late January.

Numbers released Friday by Biogroup, France’s largest network of private medical laboratories, suggest that this variant has spread rapidly since then. The group states that the subspecies appeared in about half of the tests in the western part of Paris from February 1st to 7th.

The biogroup also found a surge in cases of the first identified variants in three regions of eastern France in South Africa. In the Moselle region, mutations were found in almost one-third of positive tests in the first week of February, according to the biogroup.

Health Minister Olivier Véran went to the area on Friday and promised to strengthen testing and vaccination, but the government resisted requests for a new blockade from some local doctors and leaders.

Overall, France has identified more than 3.4 million cases of coronavirus and more than 80,000 virus-related deaths. Frustration is growing as the government responds to the pandemic.

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As new variants spread in France, some want a third blockade.

Source link As new variants spread in France, some want a third blockade.

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