Asian NYPD officials speak out after a man hates him for racist slander

Manhattan, New York (WABC)-An Asian-American NYPD officer speaks out after an endless barrage of racism is thrown at him. The situation was captured in the camera.

The onslaught of hatred is disgusting for everyone.

Within two minutes, you’ll hear racist slander echo at least 22 times in Washington Square Park.

“He felt angry with his uniforms and police officers and decided to do racist slander,” said New York Police Department Philip Finn. “It’s vulgar. It’s annoying. Nobody wants to be called that way.”

In an exclusive interview with Iwitness News, police officer Philip Finn, who received the hatred, said it happened on Saturday night when police were enforcing a curfew.

This is not the first time he has been the target of racism as a police officer or in his life.

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“It’s not new. Even when growing up in school, other children can be bullies. They say such racial slander,” Huynh said. Told. “I think he was trying to get a reaction from me.”

The video was posted on YouTube and retweeted by PBA.

Police are watching the video as part of the investigation.

Shermaine Laster wasn’t shy about his actions after Eyewitness News contacted a man with racist slander.

He told Iwitness News that the Asian community is fine and police officers are having trouble abuse of authority.

He then sent his own video, showing that more racism and racist slander were being spit out.

“You are not from this country. You are part of (expexpexp back slang),” Raster said in a video.

In one of the videos, you can see a person riding a passing bicycle calling a suspect and telling him not to use racist slander directed at police officers. ..

“Don’t call him (exp defeat). He’s a (exp exp de de) man,” said the cyclist. “You are a racist. You are a (expexpexp back slang) racist.”

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“Ignorance comes from any background, and it’s up to him to be educated about it,” Huynh said.

Laster can also hear him say he is a national civil servant. He is a SUNY Downstate Cleaner.

In a statement, his employer spokesperson said, “SUNY Downstate is committed to fostering an environment that embraces global diversity. We are in any form hate, prejudice and racism. We do not tolerate such acts or words at all. Our institution never tolerates such acts or words. Individual actors. “

“He has to take responsibility for what he says,” Finn said. “Especially, he knows he’s in public with multiple cameras, and he knows he wasn’t afraid to say that with an audience. Ordinary civilians would probably do that. right”

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Asian NYPD officials speak out after a man hates him for racist slander

Source link Asian NYPD officials speak out after a man hates him for racist slander

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