Aspire Global: New US MD Quincy Raven looking to big growth

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Significant progress was made in the third quarter of 2021 with a 46% year-on-year increase in revenue. Aspire Global Aims for further expansion and identifies the US market as a key area of ​​growth.

Appointed company Quincy Raven Earlier this year, as the new managing director of the United States, he led the operation of the platform provider and was tasked with recreating success in Europe within the state.

We caught up with Quincy and understood Aspire’s ambitions for the United States, how the sale of B2C would help the provider’s long-term strategy, and why its sophisticated CRM system. Aspire Engage Very suitable for the needs of US operators.

Congratulations on your new role, how do you settle into your business? What is your first focus?

It’s been an incredible ride so far, and it’s amazing how quickly everything took off in the United States. Since arriving at Aspire Global in the summer, the gaming and sports landscape has continued to accelerate. So many states, including Arizona, Connecticut, and Louisiana, have all adopted online games during that period, and this momentum shows no signs of slowing down.

Within a week of joining the company, the formal commerce process in the state went into full swing and has been non-stop since then. Much of my interview process before arriving here involved asking what the strategy of a European company coming to the United States would be, as many providers did so with different results. It soon became clear that our views were completely in agreement on how Aspire Global could make a significant impact on the United States by providing the platform.

We’ve seen brands enter the United States for market access as a way to leverage existing casino skins to expand their own brands and technologies. From a technology standpoint, we are better at supporting it than most others. However, for operators who want to maintain and build their brand online, especially for tribes, this is where we aim to be a reliable partner across the United States. We all aim to adopt the casino brand and achieve everything possible without diluting the brand itself.

The US gaming market is growing at a remarkable rate. What is Aspire’s strategy to be at the forefront of these developments?

Today, about 70% of the market is dominated by Tier 1 operators such as DraftKings and Van Duel. We are focusing on the remaining 30% of GGR and believe that there is considerable potential to win business in collaboration with tribal operators. Our legacy as a B2C operator is a great advantage in all areas where we operate, including the United States. It’s clear that we understand the needs of our operators, and in some cases we are receiving inferior service with older technologies and are looking for a more intuitive and localized solution. Our PAM, CRM, and managed services solutions address all the challenges of this fast-growing market. More directly, our technology platform is tuned with the operator in mind.

Our CRM suite Aspire Engage is a big part of this strategy. This elegant and easy-to-use solution does not yet exist in the United States. There are numerous third-party plugins that operators need to work with to be able to acquire and retain customers to about the same extent as through Aspire Engage.

It’s a great product just to acquire and retain customers, but it spans all platforms. This means you can create sports betting-specific and game-specific promotions very efficiently. Again, this is a good example of identifying the market gaps in which we serve and building the best possible solutions.

Our omni-channel approach is critical to helping operators build online services, bring customers back to the casino, and represent them digitally. Part of this process involves reassuring operators that doing this is expanding their potential audience rather than cannibalizing their player base.

How is the US market different from the other regulated markets in which Aspire existed? How does this change Aspire’s approach?

Investing in excellent solutions with European companies, but with a time difference of 8 or 9 hours, a significant number of operators have been kicked out, service is inadequate, and during peak hours in the United States. There is a shortage of personnel. Localization is important not only from a time zone perspective, but also to mitigate this issue. When US players call customer service, they expect to talk to someone who is familiar with the market: the NFL, NHL, or PGA. Our managed services cover everything from customer service, CRM, transactions and risks, AML and fraud. This effort involves convening a technical training team to support agents familiar with local sports betting and keeping all agents up to date. An important market for American bettors.

Aspire has a lot of experience in this as it operates in more than 30 regulated markets. Our centralized and flexible platform was initially built to accommodate our business in different jurisdictions and is now servicing our partners.

What are the benefits of selling the B2C segment to Aspire’s approach to the United States? Does this provide a larger investment to penetrate the United States?

First, it eliminates potential channel conflicts for some of our future partners. We are often asked if we run a B2C site, but now we can clearly show that we are a B2B company with a purely B2C tradition. Operators need to be open about their business and issues in order for us to be able to deliver our services effectively. In the future, if the ability of B2C to enter the market is deep in their hearts, it will naturally be more difficult. This wasn’t the way Aspire worked, but the move has eliminated the worry.

Second, the sale of B2C provides additional working capital to invest in establishing a position in the fast-growing US market. In addition, the added resources will help enhance the delivery of managed services. This is essential to ensure and grow a deep understanding of the behavior of US players.

What is the US roadmap for Aspire in 2022?

As some providers do, we don’t do the business of submerging toes in an opportunistic way. We are here to truly influence and grow with our partners.

This time next year, in addition to a localized managed services team, we will have full staff, including US product and compliance leadership.

We value partnership opportunities on a state-by-state basis. Encouraging is that players don’t seem to be afraid of the idea of ​​picking up their phone and playing online. For example, in Michigan, Tennessee, Iowa, and other jurisdictions, the market is not large, but some impressive uptakes have been seen, with similar possibilities in many other states. .. We aim to be a key part of our overall experience and are committed to achieving our goal of being a reliable partner for operators looking to grow their brand.

Aspire Global: New US MD Quincy Raven looking to big growth

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