At least 29 shots or injuries in Brooklyn by gunners wearing gas masks, construction vests

Sunset Park, Brooklyn (WABC)-At least 29 people were shot dead or injured after one shooter and gas mask in a reflective vest threw smoke grenades into a Brooklyn subway car and began shooting Tuesday morning.

As details continue to be revealed in this developing situation, Manhunt is currently underway and the NYPD has issued Arizona’s license plate # AL31408 in connection with the shooting. It is reported that they are looking for a U-hole with an Arizona plate).

Mayor Eric Adams refused to elaborate further, but believes that detectives have created an important process and have a good idea of ​​who they are looking for.

According to police, the shooting took place on the N train to Manhattan, which stopped expressly before 8:30 am, and the suspect wore a gas mask and tweeted before removing the canister from the bag before the car was filled with smoke. Was seen. ..

He then fired with a pistol and attacked some people on the train and at the platform of the 36th subway station in Sunset Park.

After passengers spilled on the platform, everyone who was not injured was told to return to the train, which headed for Greenwood Heights 25th Avenue station.

“This perpetrator, if it was them, dropped a can of those smokes, shot them around, and then left the spot,” said New York detective chief Robert Boyce. He said, “Even if you have a filter mask, it doesn’t stay there when there is smoke.”

The shell casing was recovered on the train and platform along with a pistol with three expanded round magazines. One of the guns is clogged and is believed to have saved lives.

Multiple smoke devices and commercial grade fireworks bags were also recovered.

The station’s camera was inoperable, but law enforcement officials were able to obtain an image of the suspect from a video on the bystander’s cell phone.

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Mayor Eric Adams, who is in quarantine for COVID diagnosis, has released a video statement about his various social media accounts.

“I pray for all New Yorkers who have been injured or affected by today’s attacks,” he said. “So far, we know there are multiple injuries, including gunshot wound victims … we don’t allow New Yorkers to be terrorized by even one individual. NYPD We are looking for the entire suspect, and we will find him. “

Authorities confirmed that 10 of the victims between the ages of 17 and 50 were shot dead, and five are listed in a critical but stable condition. None of the injuries are considered life-threatening.

It is unknown whether the shooter escaped from the station or into a subway tunnel.

Governor Kathy Hokul called the suspect “cold and corrupt” and warned that he remained loose and dangerous.

“I won’t say any more,” she said. “There are no more mass shootings. No more confusing life. No more causing broken hearts to those who are trying to live like a normal New Yorker. It has to end. These To stop the madness of crime. “

After the turmoil subsided, the hospital reported that a total of 29 patients were being treated for shooting injuries.

The majority of the 21-year-old was taken to NYU Langone-Brooklyn and none of the victims suffered life-threatening injuries.

No arrests have been made and schools in the area have entered shelters as the search continues. Orders for these shelters began to be lifted at some schools by 1 pm, but will continue to be placed at the school closest to the shooting site.

Police were examining four packages that were initially considered suspicious, but were later determined to be unfounded.

“I saw a lot of people coming out of the station,” said a man working in the area. “One of them was injured. I think it was a woman who was shot in her leg. Many shouted from side to side and asked for help.”

The mother described the chaotic scene after dropping her daughter to school.

“All you heard was a loud, loud noise that sounded like a big bang or an explosion, and then there were people who ran out of stations,” she said. “So I was very busy this morning.”

When that happened, a student from Brooklyn Tech was on the subway.

“I was down a few cars, so the conductor told everyone to get on the train,” he said. “I was just scared, but at the next stop, he told everyone to get off. Everyone evacuated, and I didn’t know what happened.”

The suspect was described as a man of 5 feet 5 pounds and 175-180 pounds, wearing a green construction vest and a gray hooded sweatshirt.

“This morning, Sunset Park commuters were hit by meaningless violence,” said Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso. “As always, during times of crisis, the Brooklyns experienced the rapid reaction of the first responders in our city, including the MTA, NYPD, and FDNY. The Sunset Park community gathers during this tragic time. It’s very encouraging to see-Brooklyn has confirmed the details of the attack and found the perpetrator, so I will continue to work with local governments and elected officials. “

FBI officials say they are supporting the NYPD and do not appear to be related to terrorism at this time, but the FBI headquarters is monitoring.

There is subway turmoil throughout the region that spans multiple lines. click here About the latest MTA service update.

Nassau County Police Department said it is increasing patrols of all critical infrastructure with a focus on mass transit, although there are no known threats, Patrick Rider is in talks with the New York Police Department, and Nassau County Executive Bruce Briefed to Blakeman.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy issued a statement on Twitter.

White House spokesman Jen Psaki said President Joe Biden was informed of the situation.

A spokesperson for the Justice Department said Attorney General Merrick Garland had also received preliminary explanations and was monitoring the situation.

Police officers visited 4th Avenue, the intersection of the stations, and asked witnesses if they were on the train. I could see the sea of ​​emergency lights at least 12 blocks away from where the police emergency lights were installed.

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This latest incident occurs when New York City has faced a series of shootings and high-profile incidents in recent months, including the city’s subway. One of the most shocking things was January when a woman was driven to her death in front of a train by a stranger.

Adams cracked down on crime, especially the subway, which was the focus of his early administration, and promised to send more police officers to stations and platforms for regular patrols.

It was not immediately clear if the police were already inside the station when the shooting took place.

Notice NYC prompts you to call 311 if you are unable to contact a potentially affected person. If you are outside New York City, please call 212-639-9675.

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At least 29 shots or injuries in Brooklyn by gunners wearing gas masks, construction vests

Source link At least 29 shots or injuries in Brooklyn by gunners wearing gas masks, construction vests

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