At least five people killed, multiple injured, and heavy storms cross several southern states after a tornado hit Alabama

NewsNation Now, Alabama — A series of deadly tornadoes that struck Alabama on Thursday knocked down trees, destroyed homes, and powered thousands. At least five deaths and an unknown number of injuries were reported.

The confirmed deaths were in Calhoun County, eastern state, where one of several twisters originated from the storm’s “Supercell” and later moved to Georgia, said John de Brock, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Birmingham. Said. ..

Pat Lindsey, a resident of the county’s devastated town of Ohatchie, told The Associated Press that his neighbor was killed when Twister destroyed his mobile home. “He was as good as gold,” Lindsey said.

Mississippi died on Wednesday in connection with a storm. Wilkinson County officials told The Associated Press that 62-year-old Esther Jarrell died when a large tree fell into a mobile home after heavy rains wet the ground.

Further west, the vast area of ​​Shelby County near Birmingham was severely damaged. In the city of Pelham, James Dunaway said he initially ignored the tornado warning when it arrived by phone. But it didn’t take long to hear the twister approaching, so he left the bedroom on the second floor, where he was watching TV, and entered the hallway. The storm was blown off the roof and sides of the house, just before the bedroom was completely exposed. All three of his vehicles could not be driven.

“I’m very lucky to be alive,” a 75-year-old Vietnam War veteran told

Seven tornadoes have been identified in the state. Potentially dangerous and harsh weather is expected to continue on Thursday in some southern states.

More than 35,000 customers were losing electricity in Alabama.

Governor of Alabama Kay Ivy Shared her condolences He urged the victims and the inhabitants of Alabama to “be vigilant.”

Serious and dangerous weather continues to affect parts of Alabama, and I urge all those in the path of these tornadoes and storm systems to be vigilant. Tragically, we are receiving reports of loss of life. We offer heartfelt prayers to all who are affected. Unfortunately, the day isn’t over yet. Thank you.

Governor Kay Ivy

First lady Jill Biden and actress Jennifer Garner have canceled their scheduled trip to Alabama due to bad weather on Thursday.

The trip was planned on Friday as part of a “help is here” tour to amplify how the American rescue plan deals with child poverty.

The two were set up to visit the Jasper Area Family Service Center in Jasper and the YWCA in Central Alabama, Birmingham.

Search and rescue operations were complicated by the intense weather that continued to hit the entire region. Radar’s “traces of debris” showed that a tornado formed in southwestern Alabama traveled about 100 miles (161 km) and stayed on the ground for about an hour and 20 minutes, Devrock said.

He said a field survey would determine the strength of the storm, but “I’m pretty sure I’ll find at least seven tornadoes” that passed through the state on Thursday, based on the signature of the wreckage.

The National Meteorological Service reported a tornado identified by a large, historic radar that traveled from near northeastern Shelby County to St. Clair County and towards Percity on Thursday afternoon.

Witnesses also reported that a tornado broke out near Aliceville, Alabama, causing Carrollton and Gordo to divert around 2 pm Thursday.

According to local police, Helena, Alabama, was severely damaged by the tornado and tweeted that the power lines to the police station were knocked down.

The video shows a tornado found on the ground in Alabama.

Forecasters warned of possible dangerous thunderstorms, flash floods, and twists from eastern Mississippi to western Georgia, and to Tennessee and Kentucky. Flash flood warnings and clocks have expanded to western Carolina.

Metropolitan areas on Thursday’s storm route include Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee. Birmingham and Huntsville, Alabama.

Massive hail and damaging storms struck Southern Planes Texas The University of Arkansas hailed “half-dollar” sized cars and homes overnight.

Governor Ivy issued a state of emergency to 28 counties in the state due to the expected bad weather on Thursday. The ordinance will continue until further notice is given.

“Once again, we realize that Alabama faces the threat of stormy weather,” Ivy said. “I tell all Alabama people that the weather system continues to affect parts of our state, so watch the weather system carefully, especially if you are in the line of the most risky storms. Is highly recommended. ”

According to the National Weather Service in Huntsville, up to 4 inches of rain is expected in northern Alabama.

Flash flood warnings were issued on Wednesday as waves rushed to Mobile Bay, Alabama, and the coastline near New Orleans.The· Flash flood warning Thursday is valid all night and the National Weather Service has issued more warnings in the future.

“When the ground is saturated, heavy rains can create additional flood problems, and tomorrow (Thursday) there is a slight risk of bad weather throughout the region.” The NWS said in a tweet.

KARK, an affiliate of News Nation in Arkansas, reported that the storm turned into two waves, “the main concern was a large hail up to the size of a golf ball in southwestern Arkansas.”

The storm also aimed at the Deep South a week after being hit by about 20 tornadoes and heavy rains on March 17. The National Weather Service reported that the EF-2 tornado observed a maximum wind of 130 mph in Chilton County, Alabama. Over five and a half miles above the ground. The second wave of storms struck overnight, destroying homes in Alabama and Mississippi, destroying trees, and then moving to the shores.

Associated Press and NewsNation affiliates nationwide contributed to this report.

At least five people killed, multiple injured, and heavy storms cross several southern states after a tornado hit Alabama

Source link At least five people killed, multiple injured, and heavy storms cross several southern states after a tornado hit Alabama

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