Awkwafina addresses Blaccent’s criticism and ends Twitter

Golden Globe Award winner Awkwafina Following criticism of the controversial African-American use of Black English (AAVE), she announced on Twitter that she was taking a break. On Saturday, the 33-year-old “Nora From Queens” star addressed her long-standing backlash she faced in “unfriendly”. A long statement shared on Twitter.. In her letter, she acknowledged the “subtle line between attack and pop culture.” It hints at her previous role in “Crazy Rich Asians” and “Oceans 8”. “But as a non-black POC, I always listen and support the fact that I make a tireless effort to understand the history and context of AAVE.” “But I have to emphasize. Hmm. It’s simply not the case to be ridiculed, despised, or unfriendly at the expense of others.

“The immigrant career has opened up an American identity from the movies and TV shows I watched, the kids in public school, and my timeless love and respect for hip-hop,” she said. I continued. “As a group, I think Asian Americans are still trying to understand what the journey means to them, what is right, and where they don’t belong, and I’m still doing that personal job. I’m learning and doing, but I know for sure The rest of my career wants to spend only on uplifting the community. “She continued:” We fail first, learn, admit, We do this by listening and sympathizing … and I will continue to work tirelessly to do it. “

After hours, Awkwafina announces the end of Twitter“To be clear: I’m retiring from ingrown toenails on Twitter. I’m not retiring from anything else, if I wanted, and I’m drunk and hit someone with a shoehorn, now Is running away as a fugitive. Helps all other societies who don’t tell them to kill themselves! ÔÇŁAwkwafina was attacked on social media last month. After being nominated for the NAACP Image Awards..read Full text of Awkwafina First.

Awkwafina addresses Blaccent’s criticism and ends Twitter

Source link Awkwafina addresses Blaccent’s criticism and ends Twitter

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