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HBO “baby” We ended things with a shocking final episode on Sunday, June 12th. The show follows Natasha (Michel de Swarte), A single woman in her thirties who noticed that she was stuck with a murdered baby. Natasha learned that during the eight-episode season she had a baby in Helen (Tanya Reynolds). Helen is a young woman who entrusted her husband to a lesbian lover just to find out what she expected. She wanted her abortion, but she was kidnapped by her husband instead. Her mysterious Mrs. Eaves (Amira Gazala) is Helen’s partner, Noor, who believes she blamed her baby for herself and was cursed. Let’s break down the ending of the show.

In episode 7, Mrs. Eaves sneaked up with her baby and killed her father, Jack, who was still alive and in the hospital. Natasha hurriedly brought her baby back and told Mrs. Eaves that she was finally going to give her baby what she wanted, unconditional love. Mrs. Eaves warns her that it won’t work, but Natasha leaves with him.

In episode 8, Natasha did just that and fully embraced her role as the baby’s mother. The song “Jesus Sir, The My Baby” is played, and the baby seems to be satisfied. They are always together. All of Natasha’s life revolves around him. When she takes him to a medical appointment, Natasha refuses to leave the baby with a doctor who just thinks she has the anxiety of her typical mother.

“You will give him a problem of attachment,” says the doctor, and Natasha tries to warn her not to intervene.When the doctor picks up the baby alone, she panics and the show breaks, but that’s clear. who I hurt or even killed the doctor.

Then Natasha’s sister, Bobby (Amber Rappy), stops by and visits her apartment. She sees Natasha’s house completely transformed into a baby’s paradise, but her sister isn’t there. She consults with Mrs. Eaves, who is sleeping outside in the car. She writes to Bobby about her baby’s nature. “He is our fear of not being loved. He is a bottomless need hole,” she explains. Mrs. Eaves says she has nothing she can do now to help Natasha because “she is now him.” Bobby is furious and she refuses to fold.

Natasha returns to her apartment with her baby, and Natasha’s dad (Patrice Nyanbana) stops by. She repeats, Natasha tries to warn him to stay away from her and her baby. Instead, he takes the baby and puts it in his crib away from Natasha. When Natasha attacks him with something, the scene switches to where Natasha is playing with her baby. After all, the baby somehow mind-controls her so as to hurt others.

Bobby is back and has items for the baby. She provides her help, and again, Natasha tells her to go. Bobby recognizes their dad’s hat, but Natasha tells her that their dad isn’t there. Bobby dropped a glass to distract her and found her dad unknowingly bleeding on the floor of her bedroom.

The baby realizes that Bobby knows what’s going on, and Natasha shouts, “I can’t stop him. Run!” Mrs. Eaves hears the noise from the outside and enters the apartment. She finds Bobby at the bottom of the closet tied up in a bag over her head, and Bobby warns her about mind control. She tries to kill her baby and Natasha stabs her.

“You can’t help me, no one can help me,” says Natasha, and she takes her baby. “You are a parasite and dry people,” she tells him.

Mrs. Eaves and Bobby chase after Natasha and her baby. In the end, Natasha drove them to another cliff. “No one is going to catch you this time,” she says, running towards the cliff with her baby, just like the women who left her baby in Natasha. There is a large body of water on the other side.

Bobby finds Natasha sitting by the cliff with her baby. The two sisters reconnect, but Natasha is still planning to jump with her baby. However, Mrs. Eaves holds the baby in her arms and jumps into the water. As her baby pushes towards the surface of the water, you can see her baby float away from her and sink to her bottom. Natasha rescues her from the water, as if Mrs. Eaves might have died. They both gasp the air on the shore.

“Did you finish?” Natasha asks.

“I think so,” says Mrs. Eaves.

Natasha finally fast forwards to the future supporting her new mom, her friend. She apologizes for her actions in her previous episodes and is reminded of what they are experiencing. You can also see that Bobby is prospering as a child sorcerer himself, and that Mrs. Eaves is still alive and living on her own terms. The entire show served as a metaphor for how giving birth to a person’s life. This happy ending feels like a message of support for abortion. Unwanted children have ruined the lives of multiple women. If you can control the number of children, you can choose for yourself and find happiness.

However, the final shot put puts a damper in this ending. The baby survives the fall and appears on the shore on his own.It feels like the end of the right era Right to abortion When LGBTQ + rights I’m still under attack. For some reason, the battle never ends. The threat remains.

Baby Ending Description | Pop Sugar Entertainment

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