Bart Scott and Alan Hahn Expand Reach on ESPN Radio National Show

Bart Scott works for the Mickey Mouse organization and proudly does so, feeling “verified” when he was promoted from a local radio to a national radio.

This was after a complex departure from WFAN, who tried to re-sign him when his contract expired at the end of 2019 and ran to him again to partner with Craig Carton from late 2020. It was.

Instead, Scott sticks to ESPN, promises television exposure, and extends his radio show with Alan Hahn beyond ESPN New York from noon to 2:00 pm on January 5th to his visibility. Was doubled.

“Who do you think is more stable after all?” Scott said. “Do you think Mickey Mouse is more stable, or is it Entercom, formerly CBS? And who has multiple platforms? Because the business is constantly changing. “

Scott often refers to ESPN as “Mickey Mouse” in honor of its parent company, Disney. Disney is praised not only for its reach, but also for its power.

When Scott was asked about getting out of the ESPN contract and rejoining Carton and WFAN, he said, “You would have blown up the bridge. You blew up the bridge with Mickey Mouse, but it didn’t come back. There are still some bridges. “”

Scott laughed as a player, and now as a media member, including two AFC Championship games as a Four Seasons and Jets linebacker, to the clever insensitivity that made him a quarterable person. ..

There was no clear agreement with ESPN that he and Hahn would one day go nationwide.

“It had no contract on paper,” Scott said. “That’s,’Hey, a lot of moving things are happening around here. You’re in our future.’ That’s all I wanted. I just wanted to be someone’s man. That’s it.

“If you’re a man,’Hey man, we got you, we believe in you.’ Someone who makes the decision, that’s all I really wanted. is.”

Former sports writers Scott and Hahn have been together since January 2020. Towards the end of the year, ESPN has decided to shake its national lineup with the departure of Dan Le Butterd.

Hahn said he was happy with how the local show was going, especially in light of the early sporting outages of the COVID-19 pandemic, but he didn’t expect a national promotion. It was.

“The fact that they were listening in Bristol and liked it so much that they wanted to include us in the national scene, I felt OK, something was happening here, and I We’re doing it right, “Hahn said.

“To be honest, I’ve never seen this come. It was a bit of a surprise, but a nice surprise.”

Scott believed that the duo proved themselves during those lean times.

“I think that’s why people saw that we could do the country,” he said. “It wasn’t about New York. It was about any story that was there. You’re just trying to find something to entertain people.

“Hell, we used’The Last Dance’ [documentary series] Like it was an NCAA tournament. Rolled the “last dance” for four weeks, as it happens in real time. “

The secret of Long Islander Hahn and Scott is to serve viewers across the country without keeping New York fans away.

There are also simple days, such as Tuesday when a scandal urged the dismissal of Mets GM Jared Porter led the show. Also, the New York topic may not be skipped.

“Are you going to do a segment to discuss who should be the Jets backup quarterback?” Hahn said. “No, I don’t think I’m going to do that.”

However, there are often gray areas, such as Mets’ recent deal with Francisco Lindeau. It was a huge New York story, a fairly big story nationwide, but a story about sports that weren’t on the national agenda during the football season.

“It was the day I wanted to come back,” said Hahn, who regrets overcompensating for not overdoing the New York topic. “Maybe I should have said,’Hey, let’s cancel.’ [scheduled] Dive into this with the guest. .. .. We call it audible, just call it “Omaha”. This is a fairly important deal in our largest market. “

Scott said there was no shortage of material related to the nationally interested New York team, and more recently Nets’ ongoing soap opera. However, baseball is not selling well outside New York, and hockey is impossible.

“You need to keep that in mind,” Scott said. “I’ll introduce you to New York a bit, but don’t forget that it’s not necessarily about you.”

Hahn said, “[New York] It is our foundation. We will always have it. It was important to me. New York is the largest market and is currently our largest audience, so I would always put them at the top of my priority list. “

Scott seems happy with what happened. He said he would like to stay in one place for a while after bouncing from CBS to WFAN and ESPN. And he now has a multimedia, national platform to do that.

“I could have had it [WFAN] It’s a 20-year time frame, but I think it would have exceeded my limits, “says Scott, who believes that being seen on various shows, especially on television, provides a fairer sense of his personality. I did.

“I think many people think I know who I am because of the 10-second clip of’I can’t wait’, but I really don’t know. I’m always yelling and yelling. I think it’s a person, but they don’t see what my teammates saw: comedians, weird guys, storytellers, self-deprecating guys. “

Now they can see him looking at the shore from shore to shore.

“If you look at me, you wouldn’t think I was so angry,” he said. “I’m like a loud and stupid uncle coming in and making everyone laugh.”

Bart Scott and Alan Hahn Expand Reach on ESPN Radio National Show

Source link Bart Scott and Alan Hahn Expand Reach on ESPN Radio National Show

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