Batwoman’s Javisia Leslie says fans are real superheroes

Q & A series Last order, We, with some of our favorite celebrities, underlie all the last thing — from the time they were last startracked to the last song they listened to. This week, Javisia Leslie will answer the phone.

Gotham’s villain never had a chance to compete with Javicia Leslie’s Batwoman.Continue Unexpected departure of Ruby Rose From the 2020 CW series, Leslie has captivated cartoon fans to appear on the screen as the free-spirited, ass-kicking superhero Ryan Wilder, also known as the first black man and the first openly queer Batwoman. In front of the camera, Leslie wears a pointed bat mask and a flowing cape to fight villains like Poison Ivy and Crew Master. Behind the scenes, the cape is off, but Leslie takes his responsibility as one of the first black LGBTQ + superheroes seriously.

“play [Ryan Wilder] Leslie tells POPSUGAR, “Reminds the little girl inside me that everything is okay for me.” If you look at Ryan on the screen, you’ll see that everything about me is perfectly fine. Like all other growing children. I think that is the meaning of this expression. It reminds you that you are fine and that you are fine. Of course, we experience things and there are battles we fight, but you’re not the only one. There are other people in your position. For me, that’s Ryan. “

“Do you think I’m a superhero? I play a superhero on TV. You’re a real superhero in real life.”

Leslie not only reminds fans of her superhero status, but also trains Muay Thai, a martial arts focused on close-range martial arts that helps when filming show stunts. She “learned the choreography faster,” she said, and her favorite stunt is a stunt that’s obsessed with wires and allows you to see the entire Vancouver where “Batwoman” is filmed. I added. “It created the original, personal Batwoman fighting style.”

After months of action-packed shoots, Lelsie was able to relax and watch the series in real time with her fans. “When others are shocked, I’m shocked and react as if the fans were reacting. I tweet live every episode,” she says. “I’ve heard some of the fan theory and ships shipped. I really don’t have an opinion. In that regard, I just feel like I’m in a vehicle. What I’m doing I think you have an idea about what will happen on some of these ships. I’m very excited about it, but I’m also the Queen of Spoilers, so take this opportunity to do nothing I’m not going to ruin it. “

Bringing her superhero mindset offscreen, Leslie recently partnered with Puffs. Young, daily superhero At the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. The tissue company also donated 3,500 boxes of puff ultrasoft to the hospital. “The overall point of being a superhero in general is the idea that we are for our children,” she says. “I have to talk to the kids and remind them that they are superheroes. Do you think I’m a superhero? I play a superhero on TV. You Is a real superhero in real life. That’s what I want to remind everyone. What’s happening now feels very daunting, but we’re still here. The fact tells us that we all have this superhero in us. “

Read the rest of Leslie’s Last Call interview first while you wait for the season 3 finale of Batwoman.

What was the final day of the Season 3 set?

[I spent] The final day with Nick Kriegan, who plays his brother Marquis Jet. It was fun, action-packed, funny, and very villainous. Lots of laughter, lots of me unloading people’s stuff and running around while transportation is waiting for me. It’s like, “Wait, I have to give this to this person, I have to give this to this person.” it was fun. We were really like a family.

What was the last series you saw at a glance besides “Batwoman”?

At a glance “Grays [Anatomy]”Always. Besides” Glaze “, I smashed a program called” Twenty Something “with my friends. She doesn’t usually watch reality shows, but she was very interesting.

Who was the last “Batwoman” cast member you sent the text message to?

It was definitely Kamlas [Johnson] Because Camrus and I are always talking.Congratulations on his being nominated for the NAACP Image Awards for a short animation. [“She Dreams at Sunrise”]..

What was the last song or album you listened to?

“Tempest” by Jesse Cook.It gives me a little jazzy meringue [feeling] Then I had Apple Music suggest everything from that point on. It’s a really fun playlist to go down.

What was the last song you sang in the shower?

The last song I remember singing was that song [“Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler]..

What was the last thing you did for self-care?

Sound bowl meditation.

What was the last book you read?

I’m reading it now and it’s called “The Buddha in your mirror”. It not only gives you real-world applicable everyday habits that you can use to ground yourself, but also reveals a wealth of life you want.

What was your last order online?

space heater. I literally ordered it last night. .. .. And the last one I ordered before that actually came yesterday. This is a book about how to make a tea plantation.

What was the last gift you received?

I got it yesterday. When I booked “Batwoman”, I had to go to the “Los Angeles Times”, so CW sent me this framed photo from my article.But what’s crazy is what they sent [my mom] The newspaper and she assembled it. Now I’m going to have two versions of it because she’s trying to send it to me.

When was your last time you were attacked by a star?

I just finished the project with one of my childhood favorites. I loved the show “Good Times” and had this actress. Her name at the show was Thelma, but her real name is Bern Nadette. [Stanis].. She plays my aunt in the project I’m doing now. When I saw her a little shy, I was a super star truck. By the end of the project, we were like best friends.

What was the last piece of advice that changed your life?

Sometimes I feel like I’m diverting what I have to do for fear of failure. The last piece of advice I remember feeling connected was only fear. I think I was talking to myself through free writing and journaling. I record all my thoughts and by the end I start to understand what the problem is. .. .. It’s a very well-known quote, but when I needed to deliver it to me, I felt it came to me. It motivated me to do what I need to do that day. I’m just trying to remember it every day.

Batwoman’s Javisia Leslie says fans are real superheroes

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