Beautiful weather for SWFL Thanksgiving

Southwest Florida experiences weather to thank for this Thanksgiving. Enough sunlight to start the day will shift to a mixture of sun and clouds by the afternoon, with some puffy cumulus clouds flowing from the east.

Thursday remains dry today, a little warmer than Wednesday, with maximum temperatures approaching 80 for many in southwestern Florida.

If Black Friday shoppers go out early, look for moderate lows in the 50’s and 60’s. It doesn’t rain when shoppers go out! In fact, we stay dry again throughout Friday day.

Weak cold fronts move as dry fronts from Friday night to Saturday morning. Weekend temperatures drop only slightly, with highs returning to the mid-1970s and lows in the mid-1950s.

Other movements may be seen from the end of Sunday to the morning of Monday. This could bring rain back to the area, but there are still some discrepancies in the forecast model. stay tuned!

Beautiful weather for SWFL Thanksgiving

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