Behold, Taylor Swift’s biggest Easter egg of the year

If you’re a Taylor Swift fan, it’s no exaggeration to say that your detective skills are probably top notch. While other singers interview and post on social media to announce and promote their music, Swift takes the music a step further with its rich Easter eggs. It was a tradition that first began with her debut album when she included a coded message in the lyrics, and since then it has evolved into a much larger one. I don’t know how many times she played her music video frame by frame just to grab hidden references and clues ( reputation The times were really different).

“I love communicating through Easter eggs,” Swift said. Entertainment Weekly It dates back to 2019. “I think the best message is a mysterious message.” Swift’s love for Easter eggs has grown over time, but fans’ interest in Easter eggs has also evolved over time.As I said, we’ve become more sensitive about picking up hidden clues and deciphering messages (see: Swift’s recent recent re-recorded vault track). Announcement Fearless album). “I trained them that way,” Swift said, Swifties being a part-time detective. “I love them like the mysterious hint drop. As long as they like it, I keep it. It’s fun. It’s naughty and playful.”

In honor of the Queen of Easter Eggs, walk down the path of memories and see how Swift’s love for hidden references and clues has evolved over time.

Behold, Taylor Swift’s biggest Easter egg of the year

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