Bel-Air: What happened to Will’s dad?

Revival “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” Heading to Peacock in February Our favorite character..new employee Java Bali Bank Stepping into Will Smith shoes, Philip Banks, while Adrian Holmes was the head of the Banks family. The roles of Vivian, Carlton, Hillary, and Ashley Banks have been replenished, as did Will’s mother’s role played by April Parker Jones. But one of the people who probably won’t show up on reboot is Will’s father, Lou (Ben Vereen).

For those who don’t remember, Lou abandoned his family when Will was only five years old and let Vi raise Will himself. In Hillary’s words, he was “a dead beat that flattened him and his mom.” Lou went on to become a truck driver And he was absent from most of Will’s life until episode 24 of Season 4, “Daddy got a brand new excuse.” He unexpectedly appeared in Bel Air after being absent for 14 years. From there the two begin to build a relationship, and Lou even invites Will to a national road trip for the summer.

Will is pleased that his father is in his life again, but his joy is Lou returns to his old, selfish way And then leave again. He tells Will that some “business” he has to deal with arises and they need to put their trip on hold. At first, Will tries to wipe everything out and acts so that it doesn’t affect him, but during an emotional conversation with Uncle Phil, he eventually collapses.

“I didn’t need him at the time, and I don’t need him now,” Will tells Uncle Phil. “I’m going to graduate from college without him. I’m going to do a great job without him. I’m going to marry me a beautiful honey, and I have a lot of kids. I have a lot of kids. Be a better father I’m sure he’s never been, and I don’t need him for that, because it’s a pity that he could teach me how to love my kid That’s not the case. “With tears, Will asks Uncle Phil,” Why doesn’t he want me? “

Seeing Will spend his life without his father, he suspects that Lou will appear in “Belle Air.” But again, perhaps enough time has passed, and Lou has matured since then. We have to wait for what happens when “Belle Air” premieres on February 13th at Peacock.

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Bel-Air: What happened to Will’s dad?

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