Bel-Air: Who is rapping the theme song?

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Beloved NBC Sitcom “Bel Air’s Fresh Prince“We’re being treated as a reboot and can’t wait until it premieres on Peacock on February 13. The modern series entitled” Bel Air “is a drama of the classic Sitcom of the 90’s. This is the version.starring Java Banks Like Will, the series also reintroduces the rest of the original comedy Symbolic character Drawn by a new actor. The The show previewed a 48 second teaser On November 23rd, I was so excited about “Belle Air”.However, the theme song of the restart is questioning many fans. Will Smith The voice behind it.

“”Bel Air’s Fresh Prince“Successful for six seasons from 1990 to 1996. It’s arguably one of the most iconic television show theme songs to date, symbolizing Smith’s own rapped character Will story. It’s a typical hip-hop expression. It’s often played everywhere from dance and bar to weddings, and it’s still popular today, where almost anyone, young or old, can sing together from the beginning (“This is”. , A story about how my life was upside down and upside down. ”) Until the end (“I saw the kingdom / I was finally there / I took the throne as Prince of Bel Air”) The following original themes Check the song.

To match The dramatic theme of the restart, the theme song of “Belle Air” Improved hip-hop beats and replaced them with slower ambient expressions. This sounds almost deliberately melodramatic and powerful. The snippet contains some lyrics from an expanded version of the original song. “This is all about how my life was upside down and upside down,” says Will (bank) as he falls into the pool. It ends with another borrowed lyrics: “I saw my kingdom / I was finally there / to sit on my throne …”

The song played throughout the trailer is CS Armstrong’s “Redemption,” but fans of the original “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” are interested in reciting the lyrics of the original theme song in “Redemption.” .. The voice sounds like Smith (co-singing and cowroting the original theme track under the stage name “Fresh Prince”), but it’s not officially confirmed if Smith made a new production. It’s still unclear if it’s actually the opening score for the reboot or if it was just used in the trailer.

In fact, he may have provided a dramatic reinterpretation of the original song, as Smith is the executive producer and co-producer of Reboot. If so, it’s like he’s handing a baton to a bank when he steps into Smith’s iconic role.

Bel-Air: Who is rapping the theme song?

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