Belgium imposes restrictions as cases of COVID-19 surge

European Commission President Ursula von der Aleien and Belgian Prime Minister Alexander Decrue will speak before the Biotechnology Conference on Tuesday, October 26, 2021 at the Residence Palace in Brussels. The biotechnology sector met in Brussels on Tuesday to discuss the positive process in the development and production of the COVID-19 vaccine. Credit: AP Photo / Virginia Mayo

Due to the surge in coronavirus infections and hospitalizations, on Tuesday the Belgian government re-imposed a pandemic restriction that was only relaxed a few weeks ago, expanding the nationwide use of the COVID-19 pass.

Daily infections in 11 million people in the European Union increased by 75% to reach 5,299 in the last week. Hospitalizations increased by 69% to reach 102 per day. The death toll has increased slightly, averaging 13 people per day.

“As of Friday, Face mask of Public place “It will be mandatory for bar, restaurant and fitness club staff,” said Prime Minister Alexander de Crew. “We need to raise the barrier of protection.”

He added that as of next week, he will need to present his country’s COVID-19 pass to enter bars, restaurants and fitness clubs. Your passport indicates that you have been completely vaccinated, have recently had a negative test, or have recently recovered from your illness.

De Crew said the new move had stopped enough before it entered the blockade. He said that more than 85% of Belgian adults were vaccinated and did not need to be as thorough as the previous pandemic.

“Last year, this situation restricted certain activities,” he said. “What we do today is to use a vaccination passport or a mask to keep everything open.”

Belgium imposes restrictions as cases of COVID-19 surge

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander Decrue will address a conference on biotechnology at the Residence Palace in Brussels on Tuesday, October 26, 2021. Development and production of COVID-19 vaccine. Credit: AP Photo / Virginia Mayo

Complex factors are manifested in the high virus infection rates in Belgian primary schools. Sciensano, a government research institute, found that more than one in four students had antibodies to the virus.

Similar discussions are being held in the Netherlands on potentially increasing antivirus measures. government Seeking expert advice on whether reintroduction is needed Pandemic Limitations during a sharp rise infection price. The Netherlands is one of the fastest rising infection rates in Europe.

Belgium is ready to boost COVID-19 measures to combat surges

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Belgium imposes restrictions as cases of COVID-19 surge

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