Ben Affleck tells WSJ Magazine about Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were pretty private when it came to discussing their rekindled romance.other than The look of their red carpet and a cute date night, Couples are quite wary of revealing details about their relationships with the general public. However, Recent interview WSJ magazine, The 49-year-old actor hinted that he might be open Get married again.. “The most important thing is to be a good father,” he said. “The second most important thing is to be a good person, and to be a good person, and on the surface, you are a good husband you know. Hopefully.” Yes, he I said “husband”.

“My life now reflects not only who I want to be, but who I really feel like myself.”

When discussing his relationship with Jennifer, Ben said he chose to “exercise a little restraint” because he learned that “it is unwise to share everything with the world.” “There are some things that make sense in terms of intimacy due to the fact that they are private, intimate, and not shared with the rest of the world. I just want to learn to find boundaries and be more comfortable. I want to share. Things I don’t want to share with. I know it’s more comfortable to have those healthy boundaries in my life. “

Still, Ben admitted that their rekindled romance was “definitely beautiful to me.” He added, “My life reflects not only the person I want to be, but the person I really feel to be myself. This is not perfect, but honest, genuine and accountable. A person who is very enthusiastic and attentive to fulfilling .. .. I can say I am very happy to be very healthy. And that’s a good story. It’s a great story. And , You know, maybe someday I’ll tell it. Then I’ll light it. “

Ben and Jennifer first met in 2002 after meeting on their movie set. Jiguri.. But together for two years, and after engagement, they said they stopped it because of excessive media attention. Seventeen years later, the two are back. Ben says that “being benefited from a second chance” in both life and love is “very lucky.”

Ben Affleck tells WSJ Magazine about Jennifer Lopez

Source link Ben Affleck tells WSJ Magazine about Jennifer Lopez

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