Ben Salem Turkey will be a local celebrity

Bensalem, PA-“It’s great that something very common can bring people to places they don’t expect most, where everyone feels very divided,” Cindy Citron said. Told.

Citron is the director of Judy Sale Nursery School on Bristol Road, Ben Salem. Busy streets are known for their noisy cars and trucks, but wild turkeys are now in the spotlight.

“You just want to smile, wait a minute, did I just see a turkey in the middle of the road? That’s what it is,” she said.

Feathered birds have become like town celebrities because of their bright red street intersections and frequent visits to Wawa.

“Social media, as you know, quickly became a phenomenon, and neighbors stopped and took pictures when they saw him,” said Citron. “Now in the midst of a lot of sullenness, it was a really happy pastime.”

Immediately, a Facebook page popped up in honor of the bird. Ben Salem’s Turkey Trot welcomed more than 2,000 guests last month. It has become a place for people to share turkey photos like a badge of honor.

Judging from the user’s photos, it seems that there are several turkeys that love their feathers for the locals. The Ben Salem community collectively named these birds “Ben.”

“Every day we found Ben, the kids were looking for Ben on the school bus, and the people driving were looking for Ben,” said Shirley Depaolo of Faust Elementary School.

Some drivers aren’t ecstatic about interrupting their commute by evil birds, but others are happy to keep it safe.

“I was wondering why the traffic was a little slower, but he was here in the middle of the intersection,” said Terrell Thomas. “We all know him around here, so when he’s crossing the street, they’re all looking at him, and he’s actually crossing the street more than an adult. Is also excellent. “

The community has decided to use the portrait of a turkey as a fundraising activity. A T-shirt campaign has been launched to benefit local Lions clubs. But locals want birds to never be used in main course cooking.

“And no one will eat Ben for Thanksgiving. I’ll be right there,” said Cindy Citron.

For more information on Ben Salem’s turkey trot, Facebook page..

Ben Salem Turkey will be a local celebrity

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