Best Styles for Bedroom Sets with a Natural Feel

There are a lot of different styles that you can choose from when choosing bedroom sets for your master, kid’s, or guest bedroom. For the last several years most people have decorated their homes in the modern, transitional, minimalist, or industrial styles. But over a year into the pandemic, people are craving nature and open spaces.

 This is causing a turn in the trends to create bedrooms with a more natural look and feel. Bringing a bit of nature into the home is a great way to dispel blues from being cooped up indoors. But going natural and creating that earthy feel isn’t something to be achieved only by bringing in some plants or flowers. Here are the best bedroom sets styles to achieve this effect.

Modern or contemporary bedrooms

Modern and contemporary styles are the most popular for 2021. But even though these styles call for sharper, cleaner lines and bolder colors, there is no reason you can’t incorporate some nature here as well. Throwing in the odd leather or fur piece adds texture to the room while also providing natural hues.

Minimalist styles

Whether you are going for a modern, contemporary, or traditional look, minimalist styled bedrooms are a great place to showcase natural tones. Having a bedroom comprised of such simplicity makes it easier to incorporate those browns, deep reds, and navy blues without making the room appear too dark.

Country cottage

The country cottage aesthetic is a great opportunity for the lighter colors of nature. Go with bright, grassy greens, blue hues of the sky and clouds, and the pinks and oranges of sunsets. Although country cottage calls for a brighter color palette, there is no need to avoid earthy tones. Go for a sandy tan instead of a darker brown, for example.

Eclectic styles

The term “eclectic” really just means “different.” When you have a style all your own, it is considered eclectic. Even though anything goes with this style, there are some decor choices that lend more toward natural earth tones bedroom sets.

 The “hippie” or shabby chic styles offer the opportunity for a mix of both bright and muted colors. Go with grass-like greens or muted reds, yellows, and oranges. You might consider buying some nature-themed tapestries to add additional color and texture to the walls as well.

 Meanwhile, you may choose bedroom furniture by its eco-friendly nature rather than how it matches with other pieces. Choosing furniture pieces made mostly of natural or recyclable materials bring natural tones and textures into the room. You can bring out the earthy shades in the furniture by tying it together with an area rug.


Rustic styled rooms offer a plethora of opportunity to bring some nature and earthy tones into the bedroom. You can choose from hardwoods, leathers, and furs by way of headboards and footboards, dressers, chests of drawers, mirrors, or bedroom benches. You can also decorate the walls with antlers, other trophies, or rustic art.


The farmhouse style is really very similar to the rustic style, but you’re going to have more traditional pieces here. Instead of newer contemporary bedroom sets, go for sets that mimic colonial or turn of the century farmhouse appeal. Shiplap walls, classic quilts, and wicker baskets are great elements. If you need some more inspiration, browse some ideas for decorating a farmhouse bedroom and compile photos of the pieces you like to get a bigger picture

 Whereas the rustic style is likely to include mostly new pieces of an obvious high quality, the farmhouse bedroom will feature weathered or antiqued pieces. This still gives you plenty of opportunity for those natural tones and woods. See all bedroom sets here.


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