Biden administration extends COVID public health emergency for 90 days

The US Public Health Emergency Program on COVID-19 lasts for at least another 90 days, the Biden administration publication Wednesday.

Postponing the deadline to mid-July means that vulnerable Americans will continue to enjoy the health care benefits of the program.

The Emergency planning It has been valid for more than two years, during which it has become possible for those who may have lost it in other ways. Health insurance Remaining registered in Medicaid without the required normal paperwork checks, even if their income is higher than allowed, New York Times report.Experienced program Record registration level During a pandemic.

The state of emergency “provided us a tremendous sense of security at a time when it was otherwise very unstable and uncertain,” he wrote, investigating the impact of a public health emergency. Juliet Cubanski, Deputy Director of the Kaiser Family Foundation, said. Times..

“We can’t live in a public health emergency forever, but we Medical system To do it without the flexibility it offers, “Cubanski added.

Another benefit of this extension is that Medicare recipients continue to expand their eligibility to book telemedicine. During the pandemic, these were important for older people who were more likely to see a doctor if they were concerned about the risk of infection or if the office was closed to direct appointments.

“It meant the ability to access care that would otherwise not have been accessible,” Cubansky said. She added that she used telemedicine to “protect people from serious health effects that they might have suffered in other ways.”

But Health care The facility also benefits from this program. Hospitals have increased Medicare payment rates by 20% to treat COVID-19 patients. Times report.

This extension also means that Medicare and private insurance companies will continue to bear the cost of home virus testing.

Recent hospitalization rates are lower than at any other time, except in the first few weeks of the pandemic, but especially Northeastern city Philadelphia, like Washington, DC, New York City

Highly contagious BA.2 subvariant of Omicron variant It is currently dominant in the United States, accounting for 85.9% of new cases. data From the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show.

On Tuesday, the United States recorded an average of more than 31,000 new cases per day, an increase of 8% in two weeks. Times report.Or number Many Americans are currently using home tests and may be underestimated. Health authorities..

Importance of telemedicine for Medicare beneficiaries during the COVID-19 pandemic

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The US COVID website has COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection)..

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Biden administration extends COVID public health emergency for 90 days

Source link Biden administration extends COVID public health emergency for 90 days

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