Biden promotes diversity in the transition to clean energy

New York – President Joe Biden’s administration has been hired to work with communities that will benefit from the transition as the country reduces its reliance on fossil fuels and promotes the use of cleaner energy sources. He says he wants to ensure diversity among people.

The government wants to build more solar arrays in communities suffering from fossil fuel-induced pollution. It also provides research grants and opportunities to students and faculty members of historically black colleges and minority service institutions.

The Ministry of Energy will deploy solar energy to underserved communities on Tuesday to build a more diverse and skilled workforce to meet the government’s ambitious goal of 100% clean energy by 2035. Announced $ 15.5 million in new funding.

Another $ 17.3 million, announced on Monday, was awarded for internship and research opportunities aimed at connecting science, technology, engineering, and mathematics students and faculty with the resources of the National Institute of Energy. It was.


“This administration is serious about making the transition to clean energy a comprehensive transition, and it benefits all communities because not all communities have ever benefited. “Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said in a discussion at Howard University, a historically black college. College, Monday. “In fact, some communities, especially indigenous, black and colored communities, have been disproportionately adversely affected by pollution, so there is a voice on the table representing communities that can benefit from this. I would like to confirm the transition. “

Historically, black universities have faced unequal access to federal funding for research, Granholm said.

This problem is due to inequality in research infrastructure such as grants and the personnel who manage them, and access to some of the top laboratories of Historically Black Colleges, in Howard University’s research, graduate programs, and natural sciences. Vice Dean Kim Lewis said.


“For example, in the absence of state-of-the-art laboratories, faculty members can be prevented or minimized from obtaining or obtaining preliminary data to demonstrate the proof of concept needed to compete for these research funds. There is sex, “says Lewis.


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Biden promotes diversity in the transition to clean energy

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