Biden signing executive order on immigration, including family reunification – NBC4 Washington

On Tuesday, the Biden administration announced measures to address the harm to thousands of families separated at the U.S.-Mexico border, expanding efforts to swiftly revoke relentless changes to immigration policy over the past four years. Did.

President Joe Biden planned to sign orders on family separation, border security, and illegal immigration, and increased immigration administration to nine in the first two weeks of his inauguration. The details are thin, but the move aims to overturn much of former President Donald Trump’s policy of blocking both legal and illegal immigrants.

Alejandro Mallorcus, whose nomination as Secretary of Homeland Security awaits Senate confirmation, will lead a task force on family separation, primarily focused on the reunion of parents and children who remain separated. Some are unknown, but court documents confirm that they were separated during President Trump’s term, with about 5,500 children, of whom about 600 have not yet been found parents by a court-appointed committee. ..

The border security review includes a policy to make asylum seekers wait for a hearing in a US immigration court in a city on the Mexican border. This is a step towards fulfilling the campaign’s pledge to end its policy of staying in Mexico, officially known as the Immigration Protection Protocol, which has registered approximately 70,000 asylum seekers since its inception in January 2019.

The White House said it would “build a humanitarian asylum system” by withdrawing or rethinking the Trump policy that caused “chaos, cruelty, and turmoil.” It warns that it will take time and may complain among immigrant supporters.

“The border situation does not change overnight, mainly due to the damage suffered in the last four years,” the White House said in a statement. “But the President is working on an approach that makes our country safe, strong and prosperous and consistent with our values.”

According to the American Civil Liberties Union, more than two-thirds of more than 1,000 parents away from immigrant children have yet to be found. ACLU lawyer Lee Gelernt, who leads the court’s challenge to the Trump administration’s family separation policy, said why it was so difficult to reunite these families and how the separation was permanent. I will explain what caused the damage.

Biden’s top aide on border issues, Roberta Jacobson, called on the Spanish media on Friday to discourage audiences from coming to the US border. “It’s not a moment,” she said in Spanish, adding that the journey was “extremely dangerous and we are in the process of creating a new system.”

The White House also conducts a “thorough review of recent regulations, policies, and guidance that have set barriers to our illegal immigration system.” This includes a review of Trump’s “public billing rules” that make it more difficult for people who use government benefits to get a green card.

This move shows that Biden can undo them with a pen stroke, much like Trump has reworked immigration policy from the White House-some are easier than others. On his first day in office, Biden stopped working on the Mexican border wall, lifted travel bans on predominantly Islamic countries, and overturned plans to illegally exclude people from the 2020 census. .. He also ordered efforts to maintain postponed behavior for the arrival of childhood, a program known as DACA. It protected hundreds of thousands of people who came to the United States as children from deportation.

After allegations of forced hysterectomy and other disturbing medical practices were filed for Georgia’s immigration detention center, the private companies that operate the facility were scrutinized. CREW Secretary-General Noah Bookbinder reveals his allegations against LaSalle Corrections and why Congress wants to be involved.

More permanent changes have to go through Congress, a difficult task that Trump and his predecessors Barack Obama and George W. Bush couldn’t accomplish. On his first day in office, Biden also proposed a bill that would give an estimated 11 million people in a country without legal status and citizenship a path to citizenship.

Biden promised extensive changes to immigration during the campaign, but it was unclear how quickly he would tackle the lightning rod issue. His actions on the first day pleased and surprised many immigrant supporters who are currently in need of patience.

When Biden lifts the ban on many temporary work visas and green cards that came into effect after the coronavirus pandemic, or immediately expel borderers for public health reasons without the opportunity for authorities to seek asylum. It is unknown when to stop doing.

The New York Times reports how the U.S. Immigration and Customs Department helped inadvertently spread Covid-19 around the world by detaining immigrants in containment centers that were hotbeds of the virus before deportation. I am reporting.

Esther Olavaria, deputy director of the White House National Policy Council for Immigrants, said at last month’s U.S. Mayor’s meeting that an executive order aimed at “restoring sanity at the U.S.-Mexico border” remains in Mexico. He said it would end the policy and agreement. The Trump administration has attacked Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras in order for the United States to reject asylum seekers and instead send them to Central American countries with the opportunity to seek protection there.

Oliver told the mayor to expect an order to revive the U.S. refugee resettlement program after making dramatic cuts under the Trump administration, but that measure was not included in Tuesday’s announcement. ..

Biden signing executive order on immigration, including family reunification – NBC4 Washington

Source link Biden signing executive order on immigration, including family reunification – NBC4 Washington

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