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President Joe Biden told world leaders around the world on Thursday after the United States promised to donate 500 million doses to accelerate the end of the pandemic and strengthen the strategic position of the world’s wealthiest democracies. Encouraged to participate in sharing the coronavirus vaccine with difficult countries.

Biden spoke in the United Kingdom before the Group of Seven World Summit and announced that the United States would promise to share the vaccine. This will be done in addition to the 80 million vaccines already promised by the end of the month. He argued that making vaccination widely and quickly available everywhere would benefit both the United States and the world.

“We will work with our global partners to help get the world out of this pandemic,” Biden said.

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson wrote in The Times in London that it was time for wealthy nations to “take responsibility” and “vaccine the world.” His country has not yet announced a solid plan to send vaccines abroad or share vaccines.Johnson pointed out that the UK has millions of surplus inventories.

French President Emmanuel Macron welcomed the US commitment and said Europe should do the same.

“I think the European Union needs to have at least the same level of ambition as the United States,” he said at a press conference, and said he could make a similar announcement.

Mr Biden said the United States shares its dose “without any restrictions” or “pressure for favor.”

“We’re doing this to save lives and end this pandemic, and that’s it,” he said.

Mr. Biden rises to outline his global vaccine sharing program, especially as supply imbalances around the world become more pronounced and demand for vaccines in the United States has plummeted in recent weeks. I was facing pressure.

“Americans reach out for help in difficult times,” Biden said, adding that US doses “strengthen” global vaccination campaigns. “Our values ​​are. We want COVID-19 to do everything we can to vaccinate the world. “

The US promise is to purchase 500 million doses of Pfizer and donate to 92 low-income countries and the African Union through the global COVAX Alliance to provide the first stable supply of mRNA vaccines to the countries most in need. Is to do. The price for 500 million doses has not been announced, but the United States is currently expected to become COVAX’s largest vaccine provider in addition to the largest funder with a $ 4 billion promise.

So far, the global alliance has distributed only 81 million doses, and parts of the world, especially Africa, remain vaccine deserts. White House officials hope that the expanded distribution program will be the latest example of a theme that Biden plans to devote frequently to his week in Europe.

White House officials said 500 million vaccines will be shipped from August and the goal is to distribute 200 million by the end of the year. The remaining 300 million will be shipped in the first half of 2022. Will be.

After leading the world in new infections and deaths for most of last year, the United States’ rapid vaccination program now makes the United States one of the leaders in global recovery. Almost 64% of adults in the United States have been vaccinated at least once, and the average number of new positives and deaths in the United States is lower than at any time since the earliest stages of the pandemic.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) predicted last week that the US economy will grow at 6.9% this year, making it one of the few countries with a brighter outlook than before the pandemic.

U.S. officials show commitments from G-7 countries and nations invited to join the summit to support vaccination of the world and to do more to support global public health. I hope to conclude with a communiqué

National security adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters that G-7 leaders have “converged” the vaccine supply in several ways: to someone in a developing country since the vaccine was manufactured. “Chain of management” until injection.

Biden recalled workers in the Detroit region who built tanks and planes that “helped to defeat the threat of global fascism in World War II” 80 years ago.

“They have built what is known as the democratic weapon ar as,” Biden said. “Now, a new generation of American men and women are trying to use today’s latest technology to build new weapons to defeat COVID-19, the current enemy of world peace, health and stability. Masu “

He pointed out that Pfizer’s factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan is not far from Detroit.

Last week, the White House announced plans to donate 25 million surplus vaccines abroad, primarily through a UN-sponsored COVAX program, promising infusions to South America, Central America, Asia, Africa and more.

According to officials, a quarter of the excess will be prepared for emergencies and for the United States to share directly with allies and partners such as South Korea, Taiwan and Ukraine.

With various successes, China and Russia share their vaccines with some poorer countries, often with hidden straps. “We want to bring together democracies around the world and show that democracy is the country that can provide the best solutions to people around the world,” Sullivan said.

MRNA vaccines produced in the United States have also proven to be more effective against both the original strain and the more dangerous COVID-19 variant than traditional vaccines produced by China and Russia. .. Cases are still booming in some countries where these traditional vaccines have been successfully deployed.

According to officials, Mr. Biden’s decision to purchase doses was to avoid being bound by wealthier countries that had the means to enter into direct purchase contracts with manufacturers. Just last month, Europe. The Commission has signed a contract to purchase up to 1.8 billion doses of Pfizer over the next two years. This is a significant portion of the company’s future production, but Brock reserves the right to donate a portion of its dosage to COVAX.

Public health groups around the world are using the G7 conference to pressure wealthier democracies to do more to share vaccines with the world. Mr Biden’s plan was immediately praised.

Biden’s announcement “is like the bold leadership needed to end this global pandemic,” said Tom Hart, acting CEO of the ONE campaign, a nonprofit organization that seeks to eradicate poverty. Told.

“I urge other G-7 countries to donate more doses to COVAX, following the example of the United States.” “There are times when global ambition and action are needed to end the pandemic.” Then it’s now. “

Others are asking the United States to do more.

“Charity cannot win the war against the coronavirus,” said Nico Luciani, Vaccine Officer at Oxfam America. “At current immunization rates, it will take 57 years for low-income countries to reach the same level of protection as G-7 countries. Not only is it morally wrong, but it is caused by a mutation in the coronavirus. I am self-defeating considering the risk of being affected. “

Biden agreed last month with a European ally to support the waiver of intellectual property rules at the World Trade Organization (WTO) to promote vaccine production and impartiality. Many admit that restrictions are not the cause of the global vaccine shortage, which is related to limited production capacity and a shortage of delicate raw materials.


Miller reported from Washington. Lemire reported from Plymouth, England. AP writer Sylvie Corbet contributed this report from Paris.

Biden withdraws US Vax donation and encourages world leaders to join – NBC4 Washington

Source link Biden withdraws US Vax donation and encourages world leaders to join – NBC4 Washington

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